IGF 2017 WS #58 Internet Inclusion Solutions: Shaping the Digital Future

Short Title
Internet Inclusion Solutions: Shaping the Digital Future

Proposer's Name: Ms. Karen McCabe 

Proposer's Organization: IEEE

Co-Proposer's Name: Mr. Justin Caso

Co-Proposer's Organization: IEEE


1 World Connected Mr., Christopher, Yoo, Technical Community, 1 World Connected, and University of Pennsylvania


In this interactive roundtable, a moderator will facilitate the discussion amongst the speakers where they will initially briefly provide their perspectives and insights that are based on real-world connectivity projects and initiatives in which they are engaged. The session will open with a moderated question and answer segment that will ask thought provoking open-ended questions to get at and discuss the issues surrounding the topics. The focus of this session is to be an open dialogue amongst the speakers and the audience. The roundtable discussants will directly engage the in situ and online attendees as they address the questions and as the dialogue progresses--as the participant engagement and inclusion in the dialogue is of upmost importance.