IGF 2017 WS #61
Between a rock and a hard place?: Identifying encryption policies that are human rights respecting

Short Title
What does a rights respecting encryption policy look like?
Proposer's Name: Ms. Sheetal Kumar

Proposer's Organization: Global Partners Digital

Co-Proposer's Name: Mr. Richard Wingfield

Co-Proposer's Organization: Global Partners Digital


Ms.,Sheetal,KUMAR,Civil Society,Global Partners Digital Mr.,Richard,WINGFIELD,Civil Society, Global Partners Digital

Additional Speakers

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Why: This workshop will build on the outcomes of an IGF session debate in 2016 entitled "On cybersecurity: Who has got our back?". During that session proposal, one of the key outcomes and requests of participants was that there is a need for more guidance on how encryption policy can be human rights respecting. This session will provide participants with the ability to critically assess existing encryption-related policies against human rights standards and is equally divided between a moderated panel discussion with experts and an interactive, hands-on session for participants.

20 minutes: A moderated discussion with experts

Four experts (see below) will provide their perspectives on the interplay between encryption and human rights for 3-5 minutes each.

15 minutes: Interactive analysis in break-out groups

All participants will then break out into groups. They will be asked to analyse a piece of legislation or policy and provide recommendations on how to improve it.

20 minutes: Sharing insights in plenary

Each group will be asked to present their analysis and take questions from the other participants.

5 minutes: Wrap up and next steps

A short wrap-up will summarise findings and explain what next steps, including any concrete outputs/materials that will follow the session that summarise findings, which be distributed.