IGF 2017 Youth and Newcomers Track

What is the IGF 2017 Youth and Newcomers Track?

The Track aims to help participants attending the IGF annual meeting for the first time, to understanding the IGF processes and to foster the integration of all new-coming stakeholders into the IGF community. 

Its focus is to make the meeting participant's first IGF experience as productive and welcoming as possible. In addition, the Track will especially focus on engaging youth in the discussions that reflect their role in the IGF process.

Structure of the Track

The Track will host five interactive sessions during the IGF, starting from the Day 0:


Time Session Title
Day 0, 17 Dec.

Mentors Session

10:00-11:30, Room 13
 What is the IGF and ways of engagement?

- This session will include an introduction on the IGF processes from the IGF Secretariat and respective community members. It will be followed by a substantive training on the nature of the Internet, its different layers and systems with identifying some of the major policy issues and actions delivered by CENTR, EuroISPA, RIPE NCC.
  • CENTR Presentation available here.
  • RIPE Presentation available here.
Day 1, 18 Dec.

Knowledge Cafe Session

13:15-14:00, Room IX
Private sector and Technical Community at the IGF: What is the role of these stakeholder groups within the IGF and ways for your engagement?
Day 2, 19 Dec.

Knowledge Cafe Session

13:15-14:00, Room IX
The role of Governments and IGOs at the IGF and ways for engagement.
Day 3, 20 Dec.

Knowledge Cafe Session

13:15-14:00, Room IX
The role of the civil society at the IGF, working modalities and ways for engagement.
Day 4, 21 Dec.

Knowledge Cafe Session

13:15-14:00, Room IX
Importance of Youth for the IGF, ways of engagement and a feedback session.

The 'Knowledge Cafes' sessions, as last year, will showcase how each stakeholder group has its own role within the multistakeholder configuration of the IGF, where the quality of the entire process depends on a joint collaboration of everyone.

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