IGF 2018 Call for Dynamic Coalition (DC) Sessions


The IGF Secretariat is now accepting requests from Dynamic Coalitions (DCs) for individual meeting slots at the 13th IGF, until a deadline of Friday 29 June 2018, 23:59 UTC. 

All recognized IGF DCs are invited to submit their requests through the e-form.

DCs have traditionally used individual sessions to discuss their particular DC theme and their own work in relation to that theme. They can be formatted as the DC sees fit. The standard duration for a DC session this year has not been determined, as programme needs are still being assessed.

Requesters should kindly note the eligibility requirement posted on the IGF's website - namely that a DC provide the Secretariat with a yearly report or output as an indication of its activity. DCs which have produced outputs over the course of 2017 to participate in the main session may be considered as having fulfilled this requirement, and should include the link to their output in the appropriate field in the form. DCs new in 2018 must still submit a 'light' activities report to outline any discussions or work that has taken place since their formation.   

Reminder: requests to the Secretariat for meeting slots constitute applications. Slots cannot be guaranteed.