IGF 2018 WS #110 New Internets: interoperable transition and new paradigm


Sub-theme description: Other than 5G to Blockchain, discover 4 new emerging technologies

Organizer 1: Louis POUZIN, Open-Root
Organizer 2: Monique CALISTI, HUB4NGI
Organizer 3: Chantal Lebrument,

Speaker 1: Louis POUZIN, Technical Community, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Speaker 2: Monique CALISTI, Technical Community, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Speaker 3: John Day, Technical Community, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)


Chantal Lebrument, France

Online Moderator

Monique Calisti, Swiss


Louis Pouzin, France


Panel - 90 Min


First, Louis Pouzin and Bob Kahn will explain the current Internet protocol, TCP/IP and its weaknesses. John Day will then demonstrate that the new RINA protocol can meet the Internet's new security and resistance challenges. Monique Calisti will then give an update on the hundreds of working groups currently in action in Europe to solve Internet problems and especially develop new practices. TAKE CARE: Bob Kahn's email is not recognized in your system, yet it is RFC compliant and works. Thanks for adding it to the speakers: [email protected]


Participants of this workshop will discover 3 pioneers of the Internet (ARPANET, INTERNET and TCP/IP) and the young researchers who are currently working on current developments. We will have Americans, Europeans (Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Italy), women and men, who will represent the current state of Internet research and development.

The workshop will present emerging technologies developed as part of scientific research and being now implemented in industry. The most important is RINA, a new protocol that makes the Internet secure and allows impossible developments with TCP/IP such as mobility and addressing management. The workshop will leave the floor first to the leaders of each of the developed technologies : - RINA with Louis Pouzin (who will recall the Open-Root technology) and John Day will be illustrated by recent industrial developments: 5G, Blockchain, anti-DDOS in hospital, etc. - HANDLE System with Bob Kahn who will talk about his DONA foundation and the global advances of his DOI system. - NGI4ALL (Next Generation Internet) with Monique Calisti which concentrates all initiatives in Europe (see the map: https://www.hub4ngi.eu/map/) After that, all will give the floor to participants for exchanges around these innovative technologies in an effort of simplification and pedagogy. The fact that the main sessions at the annual IGF meeting include language interpretation to all six official UN languages, as well as the captioning and online participation, is of utmost importance for this internet pionneers session to have a room with an interpretation cabin. One of our colleague, Ms Margaret Dunham, is a very brilliant professional translator (she works for UNESCO in Paris and UE in Brussels) and she will translate French <-> English for people in the room.

Simultaneous translation will be provided through ICVolunteers and the participation of a professional translator (Margaret Dunham).

The technology developed by RINA is a bubble internet system that allows security that does not exist in today's internet. This protocol is developed by teams of researchers from several European countries (i2Cat in Barcelona, ISST in Dublin) on European funds with joint work with Boston University and the John Day Foundation. The RINA protocol is promising as a future standard for the Internet and is deployed in several industries such as Ericsson, Stockhom University in Sweden and the Cardano blockchain in the US. RINA saves development time by simplifying TCP/IP layers and provides security in applications.

Online Participation

In order that as many participants as possible can follow the exchanges, we will use the Periscope application (online video) as well as the utilities provided by the IGF organisation. We will also provide a translated session with our professional translator, Ms Margaret Dunham.