IGF 2018 WS #138
Actions to govern Cyber Space in Iran

Organizer 1: Mohammad Khansari, ITRC
Organizer 2: Azam Sadeghzadeh, Iran Telecommunication Research Center
Organizer 3: Mohammad Kazem Sayadi, ITRC
Organizer 4: Hojatollah Modirian, Arianous ICTD Co.

Speaker 1: Mohammad Khansari, Government, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 2: Azam Sadeghzadeh, Government, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 3: Hojatollah Modirian, Private Sector, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 4: Mohammad Shahram Moin, Technical Community, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 5: Ghazaleh Mohseni, Government, Asia-Pacific Group


Mohammad Kazem Sayadi

Online Moderator

Azam Sadeghzadeh


Mohammad Kazem Sayadi


Panel - 60 Min


Appropriate moderation of the debate with moderator asking questions to both panelists and the audiences will be accrued. The Session would start with a 10 minute introduction to the topic, followed by brief interventions (about 5 minutes) by speakers from different stakeholder groups. 20 min will be set apart for open questions which will be answered by speakers that the moderator may identify.


The proposed set of panelists represents gender and stakeholder diversity: The submitter of this proposal invite representatives from the technical community, Private Sector, and Government. In addition to stakeholder diversity, we have a gender diversity, as at least two of the invited speakers are female, and there will be more invited. Also, three speakers are youth. We are keen to have a representative from civil society in this panel too. Accordingly, we have also requested Iranian National Commission for UNESCO to introduce a representative to participate in this panel. But it's not final yet.

There are many project running in Iran and will cover main issues in Cyber Space Governance such as Infrastructure, Security, Legal, Economic, and Development. Road-map of new technologies such as IoT, Big Data, Cloud computing, 5G and etc. have been written. The government planned setting up National Information Network and execute some steps. Currently the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology is working on Digital Economy Strategy. The experience gained for governing Cyberspace in these area could be shared with other countries. Policies and strategies that Iran used to govern different issues of Cyber Space such as Infrastructure, Security, Legal, Economic, and Development will discussed in this panel.

The session will follow the following format:
1. Welcome and Session Objectives: Moderator (5 min)
2. Sharing of experiences (5 min x 6 = 30 min)
3. Open Q & A (20 min)
4. Summing up and Conclusions: Moderator (5 min)

The Iran Government focused on the process of digital transformation and eager to have digital community. So, some projects about governing new technologies on the internet and cyber space are performed. The works in this area in Iran will be explained in this workshop.

Online Participation

The online moderator for the session will be Ms. Azam Sadeghzadeh. Online participation will be encouraged from all participants including the host-provided remote participation tool as well as email and Twitter. The online moderator will ensure that remote participants get the same priority as the speakers and the audience physically present in the session.