IGF 2018 WS #201
Territoriality of Data and digital sovereignty of states


Sub-theme description: Digital identity of states

Organizer 1: Augustine CHII NGEK, ISOC Cameroon Chapter
Organizer 2: Balbine MANGA, ISOC Cameroon Chapter / JURISTIC

Speaker 1: Clement Ruissel KOUONGA FOKAM, ,
Speaker 2: Sébastien Bachollet, Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Speaker 3: Fon Mafor Edwan, Civil Society, African Group

Online Moderator

Panel - 90 Min


All the speakers invited range from civil society, technical community, government and academia. Additionally, some of the speakers live in countries where protection of data structures exist or not all and some have experienced the changes that just ocurred with the EU Data Protection (GDPR) structure. Some speakers will be proposing ways of storing data without a bridge to soverneighty.

The speakers will first of all present their work within the time allocated to them and give much of the time for discussion both onsite and online.


The session reflects a multi-stakeholder representative panel that will bring diversed voices from nearly all regions of the world to the forefront. Key multistakeholder groups pertaining to the issue ofdata protection will be represented, such as civil society, academia, technical community, and government. In addition to this, we have found it important that the panel stem from all regions of the world. Gender, national and age diversity is incorporated,leading females on the panel and representatives from different countries whom will give relevant country contexts on internet data protection.

Session agenda (subject to minimal changes) will address the following:
1. Territoriality of personal and sensitive data
2. cloud computing
3. Country case study: Mali- National Agency for the Protection of personal data
4. Digital soverneignty of states
5. Open floor discussion

The purpose of the session is to be very interactive yet informative. The duration of the session will be 90mins panel, with 4 speakers discussions broken down in the following:
- 10mins opening remarks/introduction of speakers
- 45mins panel discussion with moderator probing
- 35mins open floor discussion with periodic intervals for remote participants

The session will be very interactive yet informative. The duration of the session will be 90mins panel discussions broken down in the following:
10mins opening remarks/introduction from speakers
45min panel discussion with moderator probing
35min open floor discussion with periodic intervals for remote participants

The panel will be in such a way that the audience/participants and the speakers will sit in one large round table with individual microphones per chair on the table. This set up allows for an open and equal space for dialogue and emphasizing that panel speakers are not more important than the audience. The speakers can take up to do their presentations using perhaps a overhead projector. Also it will give room for ease of debate and discussions, where audiences will have a microphone near to them.

There will be a dedicated answer and question period, where during this time, participants and panel speakers are free to talk about the content of the session in length. More time will be given to open floor and remote participation with priority

The intention here is in the first place to let states understand that there is a physical boundary between natural states but there is none between digital states. Seondly, incite especially African states to create or activate structures in charge of Personal and sensitive data protection and of course draw lessons from the EU Data Protection (GDPR) emphasing the multistakeholder model. Many african countries like Cameroon have personal data of citizens handled by foreign companies and stored sometimes stored out of the country.

This workshop is innovative on the evolution of internet governance.
Tag 1: personal and sensitive data
Tag 2: Territoriality
Tag 3: Digital sovereignty

Online Participation

Remote participation

ISOC Cameroon Chapter will host a remote hub. ISOC Cameroon Chapter is a non-profit organization that mainly work for affordable, open, neutral internet for every one. The remote hub will help local members to connect and follow up discussions online.