IGF 2018 WS #218

Organizer 1: Serge parfait Goma, Isoc Congo

Speaker 1: Aicha Jeridi, Civil Society, African Group
Speaker 2: Loganaden Velvindron, Technical Community, African Group
Speaker 3: ADEOLA ALAIN PATRICK AINA, Technical Community, African Group


serge-parfait Goma osc242/isoc-cg

Online Moderator

abel ELITCHA KOMI isoc togo


kandza darcia isoc cg


Panel - 90 Min


we have two great technical ingenieur who are really involve on ietf work, they can easily share with us they experiences and what they opions on african technicians , academics contributions "Loganaden and ALAIN AINA"

and we also have two intervention on social economic aspects, who can light us if there is an reel impact on being a contributor or n


ours multistakeholder group are really take in consideration the diversity we will gather two ladies and two man with a great diversity of age and regional aspcet one (ladie) from germane , one (man )other from maritius, one(lady) from tunisia and one (man) from togo.

we care also on the culture difference and langage french and english

this session will answering the question on
if it urges to begin raising an awareness towards the value of participating in "standards development" and provide valuable feedback of the usage of technology in our region to help take those issues in consideration at the protocol level.
which work can be considers as a tread?
for instance, a work in IRTF (Internet Research Task Force) which is another branch of IETF, willing to workaround the issue of internet shutdown at the core internet protocol (IP) level¹. Another field of study is the implementation of a "Human Rights Protocol"².
These two previous topics are well known in our region and have been discussed and are being continually discussed during governmental and non-gouvernmental meetings including journalists' and freedom-fighters gathering.

we will have 20 minutes of presentation, 35 minutes of debates by speakers , and the 15 minutes for question for people on the room and 20 pour people online

The purpose of this workshop is to gather diverse stakeholder views on why AFRICAN [YOUNG] ENGINEERS ARE NOT INVOLVED (ENOUGH) in internet protocols standards development process; hence, standards do not reflect our realities. Moreover, this situation does not help in bridging the technological gap between Africa and the rest of the world. Many arguments are brought up to justify the lack of engagement: unawareness, lack of financial support, lack of big vendors and solid infrastructure, lack government implication in the region etc.

Online Participation

on have plan to set up five hubs of only participation, same will be on african university where we are building already a group of african ieft participants,
this will be in dakar senegal, maritius, lomé togo, brazzaville congo, and pointe noire congo