IGF 2018 WS #253
Governmental Fragmentation - main threat for Internet Future

Organizer 1: Technical Community, Eastern European Group
Organizer 2: Civil Society, Eastern European Group

Speaker 1: Wolfgang Kleinwächter, Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Speaker 2: Andrey Shcherbovich, Civil Society, Eastern European Group
Speaker 3: Oksana Prykhodko, Civil Society, Eastern European Group
Speaker 4: Farzaneh Badii, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group


Panel - 90 Min


Speakers will provide views on topics related to session content according to abovementioned issues.
Addional opinions will be asked from audience,
Then, discsussion on possible solutions (including remote HUBs and online participants) will start.


iThere will be representatives of the different regional groups (WEOG, Eastern European), male and female genders, and different stakeholder groups (Civil Society, Academia, Private Sector, Technical community) to ensure true balanced discussion on the workshop. As experienced from our
previous workshops at other venues, this will show a wide range of the presented viewpoints.

Speakers will be asked to distribute opinions on the topic in accordance with the following issues.
1. Extraterritorial nature of national rules on content blocking: next step on a path of internet fragmentation to the future without Internet
2. Cutting-edge cases of content blocking injunctions
3. Circumvention of regulations, protocol, methods, experience
4. Internet fragmentation in lack of national laws harmonization
5. Actual hour for national laws harmonization
6. Internet of the future or future without internet

Panel participants will receive short time slots to express views, that will be asked question relevant to session topics.
Remote participants will be given possibility to join discussion.

Lack of unified approach to content blocking measures makes accessibility map of various content unpredictable, since every country has its own rules to forbid an access to information. National jurisdictions heap up towards content blocking and hamper an access to information, restricting freedom of expression right. Future internet design depends on approaches towards website content blocking: whether countries would harmonize approaches to access to internet content to provide higher level of certainty or whether countries would use non-harmonized national approaches jeopardising internet integrity. Thus, the discussion of national jurisdictions laws harmonisation is important, because internet future design depends on consensus between countries.

Online Participation

Online participation will be possible by tools, provoded by IGF organizers.
In addition to standart communication channels, remote moderator will announce workshop to popular social media grops, related to workshop issues, and watch for questions.
Creating remote HUBs in countries affected by excessive governmental regulations will be considered after workshop approval.