IGF 2018 WS #267
Capacity Building Programs for governments

Organizer 1: Laurent Ferrali, ICANN
Organizer 2: Susan Teltscher, International Telecommunication Union

Speaker 1: Susan Teltscher, Intergovernmental Organization, Intergovernmental Organization
Speaker 2: Cook Islands Hunter, Government, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 3: Laurent Ferrali, Technical Community, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)


Pu Hunter

Online Moderator

Nigel Hickson


Laurent Ferrali


Panel - 60 Min


Ms Pua Hunter will stress the need for capacity building trainings for governments, law maker and Law Enforcement Agencies
ITU and ICANN will present their respective programs and how they are adapting these programs to governments and Law Enforcement Agencies needs


Pua Hunter, the moderator is woman working for the government of Cook Islands. She is very well informed about the internet governance debate participation burdens for "underserved regions". Ms Susan Teltscher is a US Citizen working for ITU and Mr Laurent Ferrali French Citizen working for ICANN

This workshop will be an exchange on how to help all governments and LEAs play a more active role in the discussions.

Pua Hunter will give some feedback about her own experience as a government representative from a Small Island and she will give the floor to Susan from ITU and Laurent from ICANN. Both of them will provide information on ITU and ICANN capacity building programs and how they are constantly improving these programs. Susan and Laurent will talk about the complementarity of ITU and ICANN's works in the field of capacity building by giving some concrete examples. We are planning to have the most interactive session possible with comments and questions from the audience at any time during this one hour panel session

Discussions related to Internet Governance are somehow a little bit complex because of the required technical knowledge and because of the large number of actors involved in the good functioning of the Internet.
Governments, parliamentarians and Law enforcement agencies (LEAs) are key stakeholders within the Internet Governance Ecosystem since they are in charge of the public policy development and enforcement.

Online Participation

The online moderator is well trained as remote participation manager. He did this job several times during IGF, WSIS Forum and ICANN meetings. He will provide important information to be people outside of the room, and he will find the appropriate moment to ask questions and provide comments from online participants