IGF 2018 WS #282 Gender Digital Violence in Latam


Organizer 1: Rojas Jose eduardo, Fundacion REDES
Organizer 2: Alfredo Velazco, Usuarios Digitales

Speaker 1: Rojas Jose eduardo, Civil Society, Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC)
Speaker 2: Alfredo Velazco, Civil Society, Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC)
Speaker 3: Humberto Antonio Arthos Montufar, Civil Society, Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC)


Alfredo Velazco

Online Moderator

Endryck Blanco


Endryck Blanco


Panel - 60 Min


10 minutes - Introduction
10 minutes for each exhibitor (3)
20 minutes for questions


We will have 2 exhibitors for each genre.
The content will focus on gender: women and LGBTI
The exhibitors of the participating countries Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru

Approaches on digital violence
Categories in which they are made
Figures on digital violence
Digital violence by gender
Actions in different countries, NGOs and companies

A maximum time of 10 minutes is given to each speaker, and 20 minutes for questions or comments from the public online as on site.
Additionally during the panel we will present in projection the comments that are generated on twitter

The workshop will make an approach on digital violence, concepts, scope, categories, and we will focus when the main motivator is gender

Online Participation

We have 2 years of experience as a remote hub, which is why we already have trained personnel.
We will be pending of the consultations made and we will insert the questions made both online and in person; and additionally it will be doing reportage in social networks