IGF 2018 WS #294
Smart Tokenization and Asset Monetization within ecosystems

Organizer 1: Gilbert REVEILLON, CNCCEF

Speaker 1: Somia MELHEM, Intergovernmental Organization, Intergovernmental Organization
Speaker 2: nancy GOMEZ, Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Speaker 3: Olivier ROCCA, Technical Community, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Speaker 4: Yann Le Floch, Private Sector, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)



Online Moderator

it will be a rotating tasks amongst the speakers


Gilbert REVEILLON assisted by all the speakers


Round Table - 90 Min


- Mrs Samia Melhem with present the experience of the World Bank with smart tokenization. Her contribution will describe the new projects from the digital platforms funded by the Word Bank, bridging with the new possibilities provided by the blockchain etc. in order to manage direct transfers and secured digital transactions. She will enhance in these cases financial and economic inclusions such as digital entiity, and their major project in zone CEDEAO. There are also an overall schem of technical assistance, of training and education, indispensable for perenity of these investments in digital. Her contribution will facilitate the understanding of the scale and diverse nature of disruption associated with thorough usages of blockchain, smart contracts and smart tokenization. She will feavor the usage of the French Langage in order to better associate participants from Africa.

- Nancy Gomez will enhance how blockchain technologies along with the creation of one or several crypto-assets are impacting all verticals (being industries or services practices) such as health, digital health and health data management with blockchain, or accelerating growth and inclusion at all levels, including geopolitics and the role of women.

- Mr Olivier Rocca will present differents applications of the smart tokenization in fostering growth and help in developpement.

- Mr Yann Le Floch will present the approach of smart tokenization in business units of banks and more specifically within a world leading bank such as BNP Paribas. He is an experienced Business Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Global Markets activities, Financial Structuring & Corporate Finance, Banking, Cryptocurrency, and tokenization. Strong program and project management professional.

- Gilbert Reveillon, President TIC Economie Numérique CNCCEF (non for profit organization in 140 countries,) and Associate Professor monitoring and benchmarking blockchain, cryptoassets, ICOs and smart tokenisation for the last 10 years within the CNCCEF worldwide network. He also gets engaged in organizing blockchain conferences such as the BlockChain seminar at Las Vegas CES Government January 2018, and Washington DC along with GBEF, CTA CES Las Vegas etc. covering all kind of stakeholders and influencers within organisations from Governments, to Fortune 500 corporations, Non For Profit Organizations, Startups etc.


Diversity will be inclusive of our workshop in many ways :
- geographically as speakers will be from Europe, USA and dealing on a regular base with Asia, Middle East and Latin America
- genders with balanced representation of males and females
- organisational structures with big and worldwide organisations sharing experience from start up to world wide bank and world organiezation such as the World Bank (600 projects) or the CNCCEF NON FOR PROFIT network deployed and operational over 140 countries.
- the topic by itself with several applications cases in several and various activity sectors.
- Blockchain by itself is also a factor of diversity as it exist several architecture, almost 2000 different crypto-assets and hundred of different regulation approaches worldwide to regulatory matters regarding ICOs, crypto-assets etc..

For major institutions like the WB, IDB or NATO, the use of this decentralized Blockchain and the smart tokenization practice can be linked to the control of their costs and operational processes in development aid benefiting the end user. The most significant applications of the blockchain and the smart tokenization in the area of development assistance are the following:
- Distribution safety: The traceability of the blockchain allows a total control of the currencies flow and contributes to reduce the corruption at all the levels of the fund distribution. Blockchain can work as a decentralized system that operates according to a consensus of authority. This architecture allows institutions to become a node of authority and exercise complete control over the activity of blocks on its network;
- Inclusive finance: blockchain can to provide users with a token that can be used as a means of payment in the real economy, by minimizing the cost of access to currency fo all users and micro-granularity. The blockchain decentralized architecture allows users in developing countries to make payments directly with debit cards or mobile phones, without the need of additional investments;
- Financial Solutions: The blockchain brings a solution that allows to safely measure and represent the value of any material or immaterial asset that will make possible their monetization. With this smart tokenization solution, the Institutions can provide to the developing countries new means of financing that can be complementary to the subventions and the loans;
- Governance system: One of the most interesting aspects of the smart token is to offer fully scalable and secure voting instruments that allows decentralized blockchain to deploy remote voting solutions that are very inexpensive and completely secure

This group is made on purpose for this event at IGF 2018, but in fact several couples of knowledgeable speakers have been associated in several projects. The moderator is the link to all of them and bring them together to address an even more inclusive approach to the disruptions revealed by this innovative technology and processes within the blockchain, smart contracts, smart assets and ICO landscapes.

Enhancing how BlockChain and more specifically smart tokenization can leverage new solutions in the field of sustainable development, dealing with funds tracability, fight against corruption, financing a territory by its own assets, availability of funds, controls and exploitation at the field level; inclusive of diversity but also of geopolitical gouvernance.

This workshop is positionned with 3 tiers, leveraging the technology solution of the most disruptive Money By Design, represented by the founder Olivier Rocca,
- "upstream" the objectives of organizations such as the World Bank with well above 600 projects, triggering the dynamics of funders, represented by Samia Melhem and how it relates to real sustainable engagement through technologies.
-at the core the technology frame with Proof of Authority from Money by Design
- "downstream" concrete action plans and operations implementing inclusive diversity (Africa & Technologies & Women) and of geopolitics, impacting as well any type of organization (from Corporations such as BNP Paribas, to Startup with Money By Design etc).
The issue is clearly to encompass the entire stakeholders of the ecosystems to drive and implement operational and strategic change in the value creation processes resulting from the blockchain, smart contract, tokenisation and ICOs regulation permitting.

Online Participation

We will use PLUSSH, a French substitue to PERISCOPE live streaming, allowing online questions and answers.
Another Partners using a smartphone application with an integrated blockchain will allow not only content sharing and interactions but also traceability of the debates and exploitation after the workshop.