IGF 2018 WS #314
One world one debate - the voice of the global South in IG

Organizer 1: Carolin Bernecker, GIZ

Speaker 1: Godfrey Motsa , Private Sector, African Group
Speaker 2: Anouar Maârouf , Government, African Group
Speaker 3: Gbenga Sesan , Civil Society, African Group
Speaker 4: Ursula Owusu-Ekuful , Government, African Group
Speaker 5: Maria Dr. Flachsbarth, Government, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)


Matthias Spielkamp (iRights)

Online Moderator

Carolin Bernecker


Carolin Bernecker


Panel - 90 Min


• short introductory statement by every panellist on stage depicting her or his point of view
• moderated panel discussion
• Q&A session that includes the audience as well as the online participants


• The session aims at strengthening the participation of up to now underrepresented stakeholder groups and representatives from developing and emerging countries in the Internet Governance (policy) discussion. This starts with giving them a stage in the first place.
• The workshop presents a basis for discussion for one of the key themes of the 2019 IGF in Germany where the discourse will be extended and further developed.
• We strive to have gender representation on the panel

In view of the Internet Governance Forum that will take place in Germany in 2019, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development wants to advance the discussion on how to strengthen multi-stakeholder participation from the global South, particularly on how to include high-ranking government representatives and experts. What do they need to actively join the discussion? What are their interests and expectations? Which opportunities and challenges do stakeholder groups and representatives from developing and emerging countries identify from their point of view and their experience? What kind of support do they need from the Internet Governance community? Is there a need for a more focused and concerted effort, e.g. by initiating an alliance of stakeholders that has the mandate and means to do some continuous development of stakeholder engagement? Participants will present their assessments and discuss them with the audience in a moderated panel discussion.

• Extensive Q&A Session

Internet Governance (IG) events and discussions have experienced a lack of involvement by governments, private sector and civil society from the global South. Nonetheless, the rapid speed of digitalization and its impact on politics, economy and society worldwide make it even more crucial to include the voices of stakeholders from developing and emerging countries in the global policy discussion on digital transformation. Only when all relevant actors, including high-ranking government representatives, participate in the global IG process and realize its value, developing and emerging countries can develop their own national or regional positions and turn National and Regional Initiatives (NRI) into real multi-stakeholder forums that support governance frameworks based on international human rights standards.
In its application to host the IGF 2019, Germany is especially seeking to increase the involvement of hitherto underrepresented stakeholder groups and representatives from developing and emerging countries. With its well-established cooperation and partnership relations with government, business and civil society actors in developing countries, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) will focus on facilitating more true multi-stakeholder involvement in the IGF and in NRIs as well.

Online Participation

• Social Media, e.g. Twitter
• Opportunities to include online attendees to the Q&A session will be provided