IGF 2018 WS #352
LinTO: a smart Open Source Assistant respectful of your data


Organizer 1: Raoul Delpech, LINAGORA
Organizer 2: Alexandre Zapolsky, Conseil National du Numérique
Organizer 3: Michael Bailly, LINAGORA

Speaker 1: Raoul Delpech, Private Sector, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Speaker 2: Alexandre Zapolsky, Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Speaker 3: Michael Bailly, Private Sector, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)

Online Moderator

Flash Session - 30 Min


Michel-Marie Maudet is COO of LinTO, the Open Source Smart Assistant by LINAGORA. He has been involved with Open Source software formore than 18 years. His focus is on strategic, tactical, and short-term operations management : development, design, and improvement of the processes and policies to deliver Linagora's products and services. Michel-Marie Maudet is also the R&D Manager for Linagora's software. His main research area focuses on collaboraton solutions and Entreprise Social Networks based on Cloud and mobile technologies. So He is ideally placed to speak about the stake about the vocal data of tomorrow.


LINAGORA is a company which believes in the diversity of its profiles. We have more than 15 nationalities represented to LINAGORA.
LINAGORA has offices in France, Belgium, Canada, Vietnam and Tunisia and and sells its software and services around the world. LINAGORA is very active in emerging high-growth countries, particularly in Africa.

LINAGORA is an Innovative SME with over 200 people internationally. The founders own 100% of capital. Founded in 2000, LINAGORA is today a French digital champion. As such, LINAGORA has received numerous awards and prizes, and is a proud supporter of the French Tech initiative in France but also in Africa, Vietnam and Canada.

We would like to make an intervention of 30 minutes in front of a public.
The conference will last 20 minutes with a demonstration of our Open-Plateform of micro-services: OpenPaaS.
Outline for this session:
I- The vocal data, the new commodities
II- LinTO, the Open Source Smart Assistant
III- A method of co-development and co-innovation necessary for an ethical digital.
This conference will be followed of 10 minutes by exchanges with the persons present in the room.

We shall set 10 minutes to exchange with the on-the-spot and on-line public. We shall answer selected questions coming to tweet and will hand over to us in the public present in the room. The rule will be: only one question per person.

Who will dominate the vocal data market? Are going to check everything to us by the voice? Are screens going to disappear? What are the opportunities for the brands? How to design an ethical vocal service? How is it going to evolve?

Online Participation

We are going to broadcast the conference via periscope and we are going to post tweets to have a wide visibility on the social networks.