IGF 2018 WS #354
Get-Quick-Rich Internet is ruining youth career

Organizer 1: Private Sector, Asia-Pacific Group

Speaker 1: Jay Paudyal, Private Sector, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 2: Puja Poddar, Private Sector, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 3: Maheeshwara Kirindigoda, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group


Flash Session - 30 Min


In this session, I want to raise my concerns about the career opportunities are being provided to the youth and to the new Internet user by self-pro-claimed coaches or gurus. Many advertisements and articles can be seen on the Internet which tells a false story about lucrative career options like Domain Name Investment, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Drop-shipping, video creations etc. They show these opportunities as quick-rich program. They show how you can become rich in 3 months by writing a blog daily. They show false proof of income, do false claims, they show their lavish lifestyle as result of the career they have chosen and to teach those secret tips they sell online courses and e-books. I agree that some people made history and earned well through these career options. But nobody tells what they suffered, how much they lost etc. Most of the time that self-pro-claimed guru or coach tells you the black and grey hat tactics to fool search engines, affiliate programs and they tell you tricks and tools to generate fake traffic and food ad networks. In young age they are learning unethical and immoral ways of earning. Our youth and new internet users are adversely impacted and they ruin they career by getting nothing and specially citizens of third world countries are affected. I will share some real life examples and facts in this session. In the last I will ask community support and invite collaborate to aware our youth and new Internet users as well.


Jay Paudyal (Speaker), Male, India, Private Sector
Maheeshwara Buddhika Bandara Kirindigoda (Online Moderator), Male, Sri Lanka, Civil Society
Puja Poddar (Online Moderator), Female, India, Private Sector

This will be a flash session, I believe diversity is not mandatory here.

In this session, I will explain how get-quick-rich career options like Domain Name investment, affiliate marketing, drop-shipping, blogging, video creation are spoiling our youth’s career, many advertised and falsely claimed career options are impacting our youth badly. I will cover both social and economic perspective.

Since it will be a flash session, I will not discuss anything but I can take perspective and any similar experience from the audience. So that it can be documented further for community awareness purpose.

Recommendations :
Expand and diversify participation

Does not build on prior workshops or discussions

Online Participation

Online attendees will share their perspective and experiences. Since it will be flash session so there won’t be any discussion but we will take their perspective and any similar situation if they have faced. This can be further used for awareness and community collaboration. I will make remote hub in New Delhi and Mumbai also where people can discuss this issue onsite with the audience in remote location.