IGF 2018 WS #373
Revolutionizing Child Online Protection by Blockchain


Sub-theme description: Child Online Protection

Organizer 1: Private Sector, Asia-Pacific Group

Speaker 1: Susie Hargreaves, Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Speaker 2: Mohit Saraswat, Private Sector, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 3: utoyo donny, Government, Asia-Pacific Group


Round Table - 60 Min


The Child Protection stakeholders will share their challenges and gaps in their business processes and BlockChain experts will shed lights to challenges & opportunities of these technologies/


Proposed International panelists are from UN Agencies, variouse Child Protection organizations, BlockChain Experts will form a "Think Tank" coalition to take this mission further. A number of pre-session online meetings are proposed in order to discuss and streamline subject for the roundtable. As Child Online Protection is a need of the hour cause and the attachment "BlockChain" will be an added value to the diversity requirements.

The proposer will present the subject at a high level and panelists from various expert areas will present the recommendation for the opportunities and challenges.

The session will start by presenting the subject by eSafe Society the whole presentation will only take 8 Minutes and 4 selected panelists will respond to the subject in 24 min (6 min each). The remaining 23 min will be used for participant engagement. 5 minutes to the panel for conclusion of the session

Latest innovative internet technologies, cross boarder availability and its wider spread penetration have facilitated enormous opportunities to child abusing criminals for their heinous activities. The privacy nature of this technology further helped them to hide and seamlessly abuse the children.

Early adoption of these technologies results, easy access of vulnerable children to these criminals.

The risk is further increased as these Young kids don’t fully understand threats associated with the use of ICTs. Once shared any materials they lose control of it and poses huge risk of threatening, blackmailing etc.

Latest technology also facilitated lots of opportunities to produce, trade, distribute, and consume large amount of worst of the worst child abused material (Child Pornography).

Even though there are number of organizations (Government, NGOs) working around the world to address this issue, unfortunately inadequate funding to many of these organizations due to challenges on measurability and financial, operational transparency worsen the situation

Online Participation

Online participation in this roundtable is one of the Key Success Factor. eSafe Society with its international networking/connections will invite 100s of serious and interested participants from all over the world particularly from the developing and underdeveloped countries as many of them cant afford logistics to attend IGF.

As part of our pre-event preparation program, we will be lining up these participants in coming days and will add their valuable feedback to the roundtable discussion.

All major social media interaction will be used in order involve maximum participation.