IGF 2018 WS #378
Digital and Education for Sustainable Development in Africa

Organizer 1: Mona Laroussi, Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie
Organizer 2: Thierry Coilhac, Orange

Speaker 1: Mona Laroussi, Intergovernmental Organization, African Group
Speaker 2: Thierry Coilhac, Private Sector, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Speaker 3: François-Xavier Leterme, Private Sector, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)


Papa youga DIENG Africa man International organization

Online Moderator

xx XX woman Civil Society


Noémie Marques [email protected]


Panel - 90 Min


After a brief introduction from the moderator, the 5 speakers will make short presentations. The debate will be then open for all in the room and remote participants. The mic will be given to the in room participants and the online ones alternatively making use of the online moderator.


• Organizers
o The 2 organizers
o They are gender balanced
o One is from private sector, the other is from International Organizations
• Speakers
o 3 Women and 2 Man
o from different geographic regions (XXX)
o From various stakeholder groups (Civil Society, Private Sector, Government, International Organization, Academia)
• Moderators
o Onsite moderator is a man from Africa, International Organization
o Online moderator is a woman from XX, XX
• Rapporteur

The format of the session will be a Panel. The moderator introduces the topic and the speakers before giving the floor to them one by one for a short presentation of their perspectives about the digital contribution to improvement of education for sustainable development in Africa (practical solutions and experiences, constraints and perspectives). Then, the floor will be given to the participants (onsite and remotely) for discussion; Speakers may participate in the discussion by answering questions or commenting on interventions. The moderator then summarize the discussion and close the panel.
introduction Moderator 7 min
Speakers presentations Speakers (7 min each) 35 min
Participants Discussion All participants (including remote participants) 40 min
Recapitulation Moderator 5 min
Closing Moderator 3 min

The session will be a Panel where the onsite moderator will briefly introduce the topic and the speakers (7 min), then give them the floor for short presentations (7 min each) addressing different aspects of the issue (35 min), and then give the floor to the participants in the room and participating remotely for a broad discussion (40 min). The onsite moderator will then Recapitulate the debate (5 min) and close the session (3 min).

According to the UN, "quality education for all is one of the strongest and most sustainable pillars of sustainable development". Indeed, studies have already shown that education is the foundation of sustainable development in Africa. In the same time, The United Nations strongly asserts that digital is a major lever of the SDGs. In these circumstances, how can emerging technologies be used in education to promote critical knowledge, skills and qualifications for sustainable development in Africa?
How to develop citizens capable of driving the social, cultural and political changes necessary for sustainable development in Africa? ; How to market workers with the skills to improve labor productivity and stimulate economic growth? ; men and women capable of giving answers to the ecological and social crises whose manifestations are climate change, depletion of natural resources, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, increased gaps between developed and developing countries, etc.

Online Participation

The remote participation will be given special attention.
If a speaker is unable to make it for whatever reason, he/she will make the presentation remotely as if they are present in the room.
During the debate part, the floor will be given alternatively to participants in the room and those participating remotely. Our remote moderator will be properly trained to facilitate efficiently the remote interventions.