Organizer 1: Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group
Organizer 2: Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group
Organizer 3: Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group

Speaker 1: Shahid Siddiqui, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 2: Deepak Khajuria, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 3: Amit mahajan, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group


Flash Session - 30 Min


Speakers would be presenting their perspective on above themes and suggest their recommendation keeping the complexities of developing countries of Asian region.


Workshop will engage people from diverse community, genders, cultures who has been using social media and internet technology for the transformation in their demography. And during this the theme of Social Change will only bound them and help to exchange the best practices.

Social Media For Delopment: Sustainable Development, Livlihood, Entrepreneurship Social Media For Innovation: Social Innovation for Development, Livlihood opportunity, Inclusive development Social Media For Freedom: Awareness, Advocacy, Campaign to bridge the digital devide and Strengthen democary

Our preference would be to have panel discussion followed by experts' remark/ recommendation keeping all discussion and Q&A (offline&online) in mind.

Since the inception of social media the world has seen a surge in online networking. Today everything is seen moving towards or driven by social media. The business owners are fast adopting new-social-media strategies discounting the old-fashioned techniques to make their target audience engagement more effective. The social media has taken the world of journalism and development by storm and especially the way we consume content today. Hence, there is a need for an association of strong social media managers, strategist, experts and professionals to evaluate, analyze, review and monitor the current social media and internet practices. The issue is not based on previous work for advancing the discussion.

Online Participation

ASMP believe that offline and online combination helps to achieve real outcome. What we discuss on virtual platform should be taken to the ground for understanding the real challenges of that particular domain. Hence, we apply the same logic here, while ion case of IGF live workshop , should also be broadcasted online using various tools of communication. This will be done by mapping the time zone of each country to have maximum online participation.

Reference Document: http://theasmp.net/