IGF 2018 WS #67
Promoting a Culture of Convivencia in the Digital World

Organizer 1: Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Organizer 2: Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)

Speaker 1: Gabriele Segre, Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Speaker 2: Pier Luigi Dal Pino, Private Sector, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Speaker 3: Colette Avital, Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)


Flash Session - 30 Min


Gabriele Segre - Executive Director, The Vittorio Dan Segre Foundation: Mr Segre will describe how the promotion of a culture of Convivencia is critical in the development of the digital context.
Uzi Arad - Member of the Board of Governors, The Vittorio Dan Segre Foundation: Dr. Arad will provide an overview of the founding principles of a culture of Convivencia both in the real and digital worlds.
Colette Avital - Member of the Board of Governors, The Vittorio Dan Segre Foundation: Mme Avital will highlight the linkages between identity dynamics and negotiation, vis à vis the evolving nature of identities' definition and understanding in the context of the digital world.
Pier Luigi Dal Pino - Director for Institutional and Industrial Relations, Microsoft Italy: Mr Dal Pino will provide an overview on how the Microsoft-led call named "Digital Geneva Convention" and the work of the Foundation intertwine and complement each other, specifically by pointing the attention on the dual nature of identity interactions in the digital world: technical and humanistic.


The Vittorio Dan Segre Foundation is formed by high profile individuals who come from very diverse backgrounds and geographic regions. The group includes philosophers, diplomats, former militaries, anthropologists, digital experts, and entrepreneurs from four continents.
They have directly experienced the issues of Convivencia, and they have a shared perception of an actual and urgent need. They are ready to respond and take action and the incredible nature of this group makes it a real force for change.

The Foundation brings the collective wisdom of its members to international fora that are developing best practices and rules on cyber security and unfettered access to the Internet.
Its contribution will be to bring a humanistic perspective into these largely technical and scientific proceedings. Ethics and humanism are an essential prism through which to engage with the issue of how the digital world is threating our individual integrity and with matters related to data security – which, in turn, is related to our identity. Through this framework, the individual is not only a user of a consumer, but a human being with different identities that must be respected, and who is entitled to act freely and be respected in a secure context.
Microsoft is leading a cybersecurity call, named Digital Geneva Convention. It is of mutual interest for Microsoft and the Foundation to develop a joint effort to advance in the creation of a digital ecosystem, that is free, safe and respectful of different identities.
This joint effort allows to bring together different perspectives and approaches that contribute to a consitent, coherent and holistic resolution of the same issue.


In the digital world, it is imperative to develop a system of rules and values that, in addition to the current ones that facilitate free enterprise, will also regulate and guarantee the rights to freedom and protection of both citizens and institutions; a system that would safeguard individual and social rights and ensure the survival of nations. The digital world, just like the “real” world, needs a system of principles and values to protect all actors and regulate relations. It needs the creation of a new neutral space to guarantee the coexistence of different identities. It ultimately needs a Universal Declaration of the Digital Citizen Rights. In order to achieve trust in the digital era a new ecosystem of binding and mutual recognized principles and norms is globally necessary.

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