IGF Regional and National Initiatives

IGF 2020: NRIs Preparatory Process

IGF 2020 Planning process

The objectives of the NRIs 2020 preparatory process are:

  • Main Session: Role of the Internet in emergency situations
  • Collaborative Sessions (list of session proposals)
  • Coordination Session: open work meeting between the NRIs, MAG Chair, UN DESA, IGF Secretariat and other interested stakeholders
  • Booth at the IGF Village

The preparatory process is implemented through bottom-up, consultative process among all NRIs. This process is usually carried out through virtual meetings, surveys and open, written consultations through the NRIs mailing list. The final decisions are based on a consensus. 

NRIs Virtual Meetings Summary Reports
Summary Report Agenda Focus
Virtual Meeting I

9 January 2020, 15:00 p.m. UTC
Set work objectives for 2020
Virtual Meeting II

26 February 2020, 15:00 p.m. UTC
Decide on topics for the main session and collaborative sessions
Virtual Meeting III

21 April 2020, 15:00 p.m. UTC
Suggest possible policy questions for the NRIs main session
Virtual Meeting IV

20 May 2020, 15:00 p.m. UTC
Final development of policy questions for the NRIs main session
Virtual Meeting V

22 June 2020, 15:00 p.m. UTC
Debrief from the IGF 2020 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting. Format for the NRIs main session.
Virtual Meeting VI

25 August 2020, 15:00 p.m. UTC
NRIs remote hubs at IGF 2020 and planning the NRIs main session.
Virtual Meeting VII

29 September 2020, 15:00 p.m. UTC
Final planning of the NRIs main session's format.

Meeting inputs/outputs and announcements:

  1. Guidelines for NRIs remote hubs at IGF 2020
  2. Collaborative mechanisms between the NRIs and BPFs
  3. NRIs-led consultations on the HLPDC Report: survey closed on 24 May. The final output document available here
  4. Survey results to the NRIs Feedback Process on the NRIs 2019 Preparatory Process
  5. Analyses of:
    1. NRIs Policy Discussion Areas from 2019 
    2. NRIs responses to the IGF 2020 Call for Validation of Thematic Tracks 
    3. NRIs 2020 programme focus (January-February) [See here an overview of clustered received results]
  6. Guidelines for the NRIs sessions
  7. Guidelines on how to submit a substantive input for the NRIs sessions
  8. The final list of 7 NRIs session proposals for IGF 2020


Endorsed NRIs 2020 Timeline:

Time Range Work Item Subject Action
26 February NRIs Virtual Meeting II Decide on topics for collaborative sessions and main session​.
26 February- 13 March Confirming the final list of endorsed topics Through the NRIs mailing list, the NRIs to endorse 1 topic for the main session and up to 6 topics for the collaborative sessions.
13 - 26 March

Forming organizing teams for NRIs collaborative sessions

Via public call NRIs to sign up to co-host a collaborative session and identify 1 or more session facilitator(s).

Guidelines available HERE.

27 March Announce final organizing teams for the sessions IGF Secretariat to announce the final compositions of the NRIs collaborative sessions organizing teams.
27 - 30 March

Organizing teams to identify session focal points

Each NRI, as part of a collaborative session co-organizing team, to submit 1 case-study. Guidelines on submissions to be developed by the IGF Secretariat.

1 - 20 April

Developing Session Proposals

Based on submitted case-study inputs, session facilitators to develop session proposals and the group to identify speakers/moderators/rapporteurs.

22 April (COB)

Final submission of proposals

Via IGF webform, session facilitators to submit proposals.

April - June Main session Gather inputs for the main session; agree on policy questions; final description; confirm speakers
July - September Main session Develop format for the main session and confirm moderator(s) and rapporteur(s)
Rest to be planned

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