IGF 2021 MAG Virtual Meeting III

Event Calendar Date
Tuesday, 9th February, 2021 (13:00 UTC) - Tuesday, 9th February, 2021 (15:30 UTC)
Hosted by IGF Secretariat
MAG & WG Meetings

Draft Agenda

Duration 2.5 hours

  1.   Adoption of Agenda (2.5 minutes)
  2.   Chair and Co-chair introduction and welcome and overview of tasks for the call (2.5 minutes)
  3.   Taking stock of IGF 2020 (while setting expectations for 2021)
    1. IGF Secretariat’s summary of inputs received to the stocktaking process concerning the format and structure. (15 minutes)
    2. Report on IGF format and structure from the WG-strategy (10 minutes)
    3. GENERAL DISCUSSION (10 minutes)
    4. Strategic discussion on inputs received in breakout groups following the structure of the synthesis paper (35)

Participants will be randomly sorted into groups 5 groups. Each group should appoint a chair and a rapporteur. Reports can be in bullet point form and should ideally be shared with the Secretariat after the call. 

Groups will have 35 minutes for discussion and recommendations on how the MAG can follow up on suggestions received.

  • Group 1: Preparatory Process (section 1 in the document)
  • Group 2: Intersessional work and NRIs (section 1 in the document)
  • Group 3: Annual Meeting Structure, Design and Content (section 3 in the document)
  • Group 4: Participation (section 4 in the document)
  • Group 5: Communications and Technical Improvements (section 5 in the document)
  1. Group reports 5 minutes per group (25-30 minutes)
  2. Discussion (20 minutes)
  1. Next steps for finalising IGF 2021 programme structure format and design (10 minutes)
  2. A.O.B (5 minutes)

(Meeting Open to All Stakeholders)

Register in advance for this meeting by clicking on this link. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Input documents:

Guidelines for Breakout Rooms:

1. Identify a chair and a rapporteur

2. Introduce yourselves to one another

3. With reference to the section of the synthesis document you are discussing please:

- reflect on what you feel the most important points are that the MAG should follow up on

- compile suggestions for steps the MAG and Secretariat can take in the 2021 process to respond to these points

4. The rapporteur will be asked to present a short report to plenary and to send it in writing to the Secretariat after the call for the meeting summary.