IGF 2022 Day 0 Event #16 Internet of Things security: achieving greater trust through the deployment of security by design principles

Wout de Natris, IS3C, private sector, Western Europe Mark Carvell, IS3C, private sector, Western Europe Nicolas Fiumarelli, LACNIC, Technical community, Latin America Janice Richardson, Insight S.A., Education, Oceania Mallory Knodel, Center for Democracy and Technology, U.S.A. Awao Aidam Amenyah, civil society, Africa


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Nicolas Fiumarelli

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Mark Carvell


Wout de Natris


9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Targets: 9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure A more secure IoT environment equals a more secure internet infrastructure. As such the infrastructure protects privacy, entrepreneurship and innovation, which will lead to a higher level of development everywhere.


The workshop comprises two parts. The first half hour will be a presentation by the lead researcher. The second part will be for interaction and receiving feedback of the experts and users present. The detailed format of the presentations cannot be decided until after the research has been concluded in late September. The results will determine how mature the recommendations and potential toolkits are and the level of information which the WG needs from stakeholders. The most likely format will be break-out groups which will each consider a cluster of possible recommendations. Another option may be to ask a representative of a stakeholder group (e.g. business users) to respond to individual recommendations. This will be decided in October at the latest.


The IGF’s dynamic coalition on Internet Standards, Security and Safety (IS3C)has one overarching goal: to make the Internet more secure and safer by achieving more widespread and rapid deployment of existing Internet standards and related ICT best practices. The session will focus on the outcomes and recommendations of an IS3C research project on the security of the Internet of Things. IS3C’s Working Group on Security by Design – Internet of Things (WG1) launched a research project in 2022 which aims to reinforce and promote the adoption of security by design principles in the development of IoT networks and connected devices, by providing recommendations to policy makers and decision takers in industry about IoT security best practices. The research will also contribute to promoting greater awareness of IoT security requirements amongst IoT developers and manufacturers by drawing up a single authoritative resource that compiles examples of current best practices drawn from national and regional policies worldwide with a listing of related IoT security standards. The research focuses on policy, certification programmes and legislative approaches. This workshop will provide an important opportunity for the research project to present its results to the wider stakeholder community at the IGF and for inviting feedback from stakeholders who will be invited to share their views and ideas.

This workshop is hybrid and interactive. The onsite and online moderators will ensure that all participants are able to engage and interact with speakers and presenters on an equal basis.