IGF 2022 DC-SIG Role of Schools of IG in sustaining efforts to support SDGs


Dynamic Coalition on Schools of Internet Governance

Round Table - Circle - 90 Min


Schools on Internet Governance have been contributing to development of IG capacity for years. These efforts are not only directed at the IG institutions, but at understanding how internet governance can contribute to the well being and rights of the users of the Internet. A major part of that well being is tied up in the other facets of life that are discussed in the SDGs, those where the Internet can be of help if not essential. A sustainable program of IG education can provide the basis to develop frameworks for sustaining and furthering the goals of the SDGs through a well governed and maintained internet.

After a round of introductions by schools of IG, especially new schools created since IGF 2021, the session will be divided into the following sections
- Review of work done in Schools of IG with a focus on how the work in the Schools has contributed to Internet Governance aspects that support the SDGs.
- Outlook for how future schools can sustain efforts to make IG relevant to ongoing support of the SDGs
- DC SIG Plans for 2023
- Recap and key points.

No current plans other than to follow the guidance given by the IGF Secretariat and MAG on how to be inclusive of both onsite and offsite participants. Specific details will depend on what services are offered for binding on & off site into a common session. The DC SIG will discuss the details in the lead up to the session, and may do something innovative if we come up with an idea for how to build on the services and practices offered.

Additionally, since these sessions do not have translation, we will line up a few participants to help with translation for those who are not native English speakers and who require some assistance with communicating in English.

The DC SIG has used collaborative document work as the fundamental work modality. This will continue to be part of our method and will be combined with the other services in so far as it is possible and facilitated by adequate network bandwidth.


Dynamic Coalition on Schools in Internet Governance
Sandra Hoferichter - Chair DC SIG, EuroSSIG, Technical Community, WEOG
Avri Doria - Coordinator DC SIG, Hybrid - Civil Society/Technical Community, WEOG
Satish Babu - APSIG, AP
Raymond Mamattah, Civil Society, Africa
Sarata Omane, Government, Africa
Christian Nzhie, Civil Society, Africa
Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong,TdSIG,Technical/Civil Society,Africa
Olga Cavalli, Undersecretary of Information Technology, Chief of Cabinet of the Presidency of Argentina


Speakers to be representatives of the various SIGS
Sandra Hoferichter - EuroSSIG
Ilona Stadnik - Russian SIG (probably onsite), Academia, WEOG
Satish Babu - APSIG,
Glenn McKnight, Virtual School of Internet Governance, (onsite)Civil Society, WEOG
Sarata Omane, Ghana School on Internet Governance (probably onsite) - Regional Group, Africa
Michel Tchonang, Central Africa SIG(CASIG)
Alfredo Calderon, North American School of Internet Governance ( remote) WEOG
Olga Cavalli - South School on Internet Governance and Argentina School on Internet Governance - GRULAC
- Other SIG organizers to be added.

Onsite Moderator

Avri Doria (uncertain but planning to be onsite )

Online Moderator

Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong,TdSIG,Technical/Civil Society,Africa


Raymond Mamattah (Onsite) - Regional Group, Africa; Christian Nzhie (uncertain but planning to be onsite) - Africa



Targets: 1.a, 1.b, 3.d, 4.5, 4.7, 5.2, 5.5, 5.b, 5.c, 6.b, 7.a, 7.b, 9.1, 9.c, 10.2, 13.2, 14.b, 16.1, 16.7, 16.10, 16.a, 17.7, 17.16, 17,18

Each of these, as well as others, are aided by the access to the Internet; both as a source of information and sharing. In all cases, this access and sharing can be aided by reasonable applications of Internet Governance.