IGF 2022 DCNN Internet Openness Formula: Interoperability + Device + Net


Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality

Round Table - Circle - 90 Min


Internet openness plays an instrumental as a facilitator of human rights, is an essential precondition of meaningful connectivity, and serves the public interest by preserving a level playing field with minimal barriers to entry and by providing equal opportunity for the invention and development of new applications, services, and business models.

Over the past years, Internet Openness discussions have increasingly focused on interoperability and device neutrality, considering net neutrality only one dimension of a more complex scenario. The DCNN session dedicated to The Internet Openness Formula: Net Neutrality + Interoperability + Device Neutrality will explore the latest policy and technological evolutions impacting Internet Openness either by facilitating or hindering it.

In 2021, members of the Dynamic Coalition on Net Neutrality (DCNN) have started the elaboration of a DRAFT Open Statement on Internet Openness to identify the key elements of internet openness that Internet governance stakeholders should strive to protect. The consolidated version of the statement will be released at the 2022 Session of DCNN as an annual outcome of the coalition. https://pad.codigosur.org/DRAFT_Open_Statement_on_Internet_Openness_for…

Social media platforms will be used to maximize interactions with online participants.


Luca Belli, FGV Law School, Academia, Latin America

Smriti Parsheera, CyberBRICS Project, Academia, Asia Pacific


Paola Bonilla, Directress of Comisión de Regulación de Comunicaciones, Latin America (TBC)

Vittorio Bertola, Open-Xchange, Private sector, Western Europe

Kyung Sin (KS) Park, Open Net Korea, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific

Angela Daly, University of Dundee, Academia, Western Europe

Toussant Nothias, Stanford University, Academia, Western Europe

Sabelo Mhlambi, founder of Bhala, private sector, Africa (TBC)


Onsite Moderator

Luca Belli, FGV Law School, Academia, Latin America

Online Moderator

Smriti Parsheera, CyberBRICS Project, Academia, Asia Pacific


Smriti Parsheera, CyberBRICS Project, Academia, Asia Pacific



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