IGF 2022 Launch / Award Event #61 On this Side of the Web - Short Film

Wednesday, 30th November, 2022 (09:55 UTC) - Wednesday, 30th November, 2022 (10:40 UTC)
Press Briefing Room

Digital Grassroots
Esther Mwema, Digital Grassroots, Civil Society, Africa Uffa Modey, Digital Grassroots, Technical Community, Africa


Esther Mwema, Digital Grassroots, Civil Society, Africa Uffa Modey, Digital Grassroots, Technical Community, Africa

Onsite Moderator

Esther Mwema

Online Moderator

Esther Mwema


Uffa Modey


9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Targets: This short film addresses 5 (5.5)(5.b), 9(b) because it champions the inclusion of women in technology and innovation, calls for youth involvement in internet governance, and on giving underrepresented communities the power to shape their internet future.


Film viewing.

Duration (minutes)



'On this Side of The Web' is a short film by youth-led organization Digital Grassroots that portrays key barriers to digital inclusion for young people and marginalized groups. Not everyone can afford the internet, and even if they could, sometimes the infrastructure simply isn’t there. The digital literacy gap can also keep some internet users from being able to meaningfully participate due to language, skills, or technical differences.

This film includes perspectives across underrepresented communities across the globe and includes language diversity. ‘On this Side of the Web’ short film sends a simple message: The Internet is for Everyone. The core Internet Invariants need to be put into practice. These include Global reach and integrity, accessibility, innovation without requiring permission, and no permanent favorites, among more.

The current digital landscape needs to recommit to these open principles by ensuring that the marginalized, including young people, have the required skills to connect to the broader national and international policy environment. The short film will focus on best practices for internet stakeholders to ensure meaningful connectivity of young people and underrepresented groups.

Watch the short film trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJRgSSitI84

This is a 30 minute short film viewing session. 5 minutes will be used to introduce the film. 10 minutes will be for Q and A. Participants will be able to participate fully online and onsite because the film can be watched in person and online as well.

The Q and A section will allow participants to engage with the film producers, and questions can be contributed both online and on site.

Key Takeaways (* deadline 2 hours after session)

The issues affecting the most marginalised are very different and unique, so it is important to hear from local voices when shaping their digital future.

Internet infrastructure has to remain open, therefore, we must ensure that the internet infrastructure is accessible to local communities through community networks.

Call to Action (* deadline 2 hours after session)

Support grassroots organisations through capacity building, funding, and recognition of their work and their voices

Improve language diversity on the internet to avoid digital colonialism