IGF 2022 Lightning Talk #31 The intersection of disinformation and other online harms: combating digital offences

Wednesday, 30th November, 2022 (09:30 UTC) - Wednesday, 30th November, 2022 (10:00 UTC)
Speaker's Corner

Media Monitoring Africa

Nomshado Lubisi Nkosinkulu, Head of Communications, Media Monitoring Africa


Nomshado Lubisi Nkosinkulu, Head of Communications, Media Monitoring Africa

Tina Power, Senior Associate, Alt Advisory

Onsite Moderator

Faiza Abrahams-Smith, The Institute for the Advancement of Journalism

Online Moderator

Thandi Smith, Head of Programmes, Media Monitoring Africa


Baatile Mohale, Communications coordinator, Media Monitoring Africa



Targets: 5.2 Eliminate gender based violence 16.10 Ensure public access and protect fundamental freedoms 16 8 Broaden and strengthen participation of developing countries sin insitutiaotn of global governance e Online harms undermine a number of rights, and basic knowledge and information, from climate change denialism to online gender based violence. By looking at how various online harms interest and serve to reinforce each other the session works to deepen, protect and realise at least the three SSDGs listed above. Online gender based violence, where female journalists are subjected to vicious attacks as part of coordinated disinformation campaigns isn't only an act of online violence but also a denial of access to accurate information and the free flow of ideas. Far too often in the discussion and debates on these issues ideas, inputs and innovations from the global south are ignored and issues specific to there context are marginalised. In highlighting the work being done by these African entities the session will also help realise and promote the regions engagement and participation on global issues.


The event will have expert input in a brief presentation and will then take the form of having clear practical examples and case studies unpacked.

Duration (minutes)

Mis and disinformation continue to threaten and undermine democratic engagement. At the same time there is an increase of other online harms, from incitement to violence, to disseminating hate speech and attacks on journalists and media. Most of the innovations being discussed or forced on, tend to come form the global north with little emphasis on innovations and actions and context from the global south. The session will present online harms within an African context and highlight African innovations to these global challenges. This session will seek to address the following questions: How are these online harms intersecting with mis and disinformation, what strategies are used to leverage the various online harms and what innovative methods are being used to tackle these issues.

There will be direct engagement with the speakers and using case studies the audience will see how in practical terms issues are addressed and unpacked. In addition as most are online harms the session will be conducive to a hybrid format. The online audience will have the opportunity to engage with the onsite speakers through the Zoom platform. The onsite moderator will lease with the online moderator.