IGF 2022 Lightning Talk #53 Watching the Watcher: Security works without privacy protection

Usuarios Digitales
Alfredo Velazco, Usuarios Digitales, ONG, Latam


Fabián Auz, Usuarios Digitales, ONG, Latam
Alfredo Velazco, Usuarios Digitales, ONG, Latam
Raúl Tapia, Veeduría Ciudadana al sistema de videvigilancia del ECU911, ONG, Latam
Dagmar Thiel, Fundamedios Inc, ONG, Latam

Onsite Moderator

Alfredo Velazco

Online Moderator

Fabián Auz


Fabián Auz



Targets: -16.10 Ensure public access to information and protect fundamental freedoms, in accordance with national legislation and international agreements

This talk tells about the ways to access public information and the threats that mass surveillance without a clear legal framework can bring to human rights.


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The video surveillance system in Ecuador has recently become the focus of public scrutiny for issues ranging from the sale of data to overpricing and the frenzy of its use in a pandemic. Our proposal is to invite the participants to tell about the experiences in their countries on similar systems to establish differences or equalities in the practices

This panel is the beginning of a provocation to the analysis and comparison of practices for the use of video surveillance systems, and they will be able to continue contributing to the protocols on which we are working for the implementation of a framework of action for the video surveillance system in Ecuador.

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