IGF 2022 Lightning Talk #54 Improving Data Protection Laws through Grassroots Learnings

Friday, 2nd December, 2022 (06:30 UTC) - Friday, 2nd December, 2022 (07:00 UTC)
Speaker's Corner

Vino Lucero, EngageMedia, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Berhan Taye, Internews, Civil Society, Africa


Vino Lucero, EngageMedia, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific
Lida Hok, Cambodian Center for Independent Media, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific
Mohamed Saif Zahir, Society for Peace and Democracy, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific
Santosh Sigdel, Digital Rights Nepal, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific
Wahyudi Dyafar, ELSAM, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific
Marlon Nombrado, Out of the Box Media Literacy Initiative, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific
Darshatha Gamage, Hashtag Generation, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific
Berhan Taye, Internews, Civil Society, Africa

Onsite Moderator

Vino Lucero

Online Moderator

Berhan Taye


Vino Lucero



Targets: 16.3 - Advocates for better access to justice through making laws appropriate to lived experiences 16.6 - The session, in a way, keeps government institutions in check by providing an avenue for feedback on current data protection laws and where it can be improved.


Gathering, with pre-selected speakers being given 120 seconds each to share thoughts.

Duration (minutes)

This session will focus on how governments can learn from grassroots insights when it comes to making data protection laws more appropriate for their country's realities. Lessons learned will also be shared, hoping that this can be considered in amending or updating data protection laws.

Online participants will be requested to share their insights via chat, and some of them will be read during the session while in-person attendees prepare their contributions.

Key Takeaways (* deadline 2 hours after session)

There is a demand for transparency, accountability, and citizen participation on crafting and improving digital safety regulation across featured countries.

Civil society representatives also see it that data protection legislation should include provisions on improving awareness and literacy on the importance of data protection.

Call to Action (* deadline 2 hours after session)

Improve citizen participation on the creation and passage of data protection laws.

Policymakers should be transparent and accountable to the public about decisions made around data protection policies.