IGF 2022 Lightning Talk #67 “Not to Incite Hate: A Community Response to Online Hate Narratives”

Maria Karienova, EngageMedia, Civil Society Asia Pacific
Pradipa Rasidi, EngageMedia, Civil Society Asia Pacific
Debby Kristin, EngageMedia, Civil Society Asia Pacific
Khairil Zhafri, EngageMedia, Civil Society Asia Pacific


Pavitra Ramanujam, APC, Civil Society Asia
Serene Lim, KRYSS Network, Civil Society Malaysia
Sherly Haristya, Article 19 & UNESCO Research Consultant, Academics Indonesia
Alice Budisatrijo, Misinformation Policy META APAC

Onsite Moderator

Maria Karienova

Online Moderator

Debby Kristin


Pradipa Rasidi


17. Partnerships for the Goals

Targets: This discussion should tackle hate narratives online by starting a dialogue among multiple stakeholders. In bringing in their expertise in an open dialogue, we envision that as a community, we can work for an internet that is safer for all, especially for vulnerable communities in Asia.


Each speaker would do 3 minutes highlights presentation of how their work has been contributing to tackling hate narratives online. We will invite people from the audience to contribute ideas on how these various stakeholders can work together to improve their respective initiative.

Duration (minutes)



An interactive session where people from various different roles (government, civil society, or private sectors) are encouraged to join. The goal is to have a common understanding that online hate narratives occupy both online and offline spheres. To address hate narratives, therefore, we need to have a concerted effort as a community ​​in understanding the scale and impact of online hate speech across communities, and especially vulnerable groups, in Asia

The question we will raise: What is the effort in challenging hate narratives on the internet? What have we done so far to ensure that the internet is a safe space? Who should be responsible for ensuring people have sufficient literacy in dealing with online content? Lastly, should we think of an alternative algorithm that does not profit from our attention?

Our speakers have various backgrounds but share one similarity: they all have worked to combat hate narratives online. These people have addressed the issue separately: digital literacy training for journalists, convening a space creating art contesting intolerance online, researching content moderation bodies for civil society, and monitoring online gender-based violence.

This discussion invites people to hear what the speakers have done in addressing hate narratives and share what they have done to tackle similar issues. We aim to build a sense of belonging to a community that can challenge hate narratives online.

Moderators would disseminate three main points from speakers and share them with the participants before the session so they can start their ideation process on how these stakeholders can improve the work of one another. People are allowed to flag onsite moderators if they have ideas participants have ideas to share before the speaker's presentations start. Online moderators would collect and line up ideas from online participants and probe the ideas during discussion time.