IGF 2022 Lightning Talk #81 A taxonomy of internet censorship in Southeast Asia: Making sense of measurements from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines

Khairil Zhafri, Digital Rights and Technology Manager, EngageMedia


Pradipa P. Rasidi, Digital Rights Program Officer (Indonesia), EngageMedia
Kelly Koh, Programme Officer, Sinar Project
Vino Lucero, Project and Communications Manager, EngageMedia

Onsite Moderator

Khairil Zhafri

Online Moderator

Khairil Zhafri


Khairil Zhafri



Targets: The session seeks to bring attention to the laws and policies relating to the interference of freedom of expression online that are directly and indirectly discriminatory against marginalised communities in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. It will also highlight some of the practices that reinforce inequalities within the society in these countries. Through the sharing, they will demonstrate how a free and open internet for all will contribute towards the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms as the foundation of sustainable development.


Presentation in the style of TED talks

Duration (minutes)



In this session, the speakers will share some of the critical findings of the Internet Monitoring Programme (IMAP) regional research project and contextualise measurement analyses from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The lightning talks will offer valuable insights into the shifting landscape of internet content restrictions against the backdrop of public health crises, intense electoral upheavals, and deepening social inequalities in the three Southeast Asian democracies. In their presentations, the speakers will also consider the obligations of the state in protecting free speech and the role of civil society in the anti-censorship movement within the digital context.

Participants will have the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas with the speakers and with each other through an online audience interaction tool (eg Slido, Mentimeter, etc)