IGF 2022 Lightning Talk #87 The future of peruvian Internet regulation: a prospective evaluation of legislative initiatives

Thursday, 1st December, 2022 (14:15 UTC) - Thursday, 1st December, 2022 (14:45 UTC)
Speaker's Corner

Lucía León, Hiperderecho, SCO, GRULAC; Elizabeth Mendoza, Hiperderecho, SCO, GRULAC; Dilmar Villena, Hiperderecho, SCO, GRULAC


Jaime Dupuy, Comex, private sector, GRULAC; Lucía León, Hiperderecho, SCO, GRULAC; Verónica Arroyo, Access Now, SCO, GRULAC

Onsite Moderator

Lucía León, Hiperderecho, SCO, GRULAC

Online Moderator

Elizabeth Mendoza


Dilmar Villena



Targets: These SDGs are relevant because: (i) the regulations of the digital ecosystem must involve all stakeholders so that they can give their point of view on the different issues (infrastructure, e-commerce, freedom of expression, etc.). And (ii) their impact can be vital to expanding Internet access and people's appropriation of this tool (or, on the contrary, they can reduce it); in this sense, it is not a question of mere legislative technique, but of a practice that will mark the future of technology deployment and of the Internet in Peru, and, consequently, of the fulfillment and exercise of human rights.


The session will be conducted in rounds, discussing the policy questions from the point of view of the panelists (Peruvian private sector, Peruvian NGO, and regional LATAM NGO). When needed to facilitate the discussion, the moderator will read the comments and questions made online.

Duration (minutes)

The talk aims to discuss the most relevant issues that should be taken into account for smart regulation of the Internet. This is particularly relevant considering the controversial legislative initiatives from the last years, which could be dangerous and amplify the digital divide in Perú instead of closing it. The discussion will be guided by the following policy questions, that panelists are invited to abroad: 1. What would be the impact and implications of granting access to the internet as a constitutional right? 2. What’s the convenience (or not) of discussing a General Regulatory Framework for the Internet, taking into account the several obstacles and warnings around the Legislative Proposal of a General Internet Law? How to guarantee a multi-stakeholder debate in this matter? 3. Which should be the thematic priorities, pointing to the Legislative Agenda 2023, for an appropriate Internet regulation that allows universal access, use, and appropriation of the Internet? IGF 2021 related Message: “4.1. Ensuring that all people everywhere have meaningful and sustainable access to the Internet must be a priority. Access to the open Internet is key for bridging the digital divide, as well as fostering democracy and human rights”.

1. It will be a hybrid session with speakers and audience in both virtual and face-to-face formats. To ensure that the conversation reaches a wider audience, and taking into account that there are people who have unlimited data only for social networks (and not for platforms such as Zoom, Teams or others), we will broadcast the session through our official accounts. Our online moderator will have support people who will pass on any questions or comments, at the appropriate times, that are made on our networks. There will also be a live report of the main interventions through a Twitter thread. 2. The lighting talk format allows to have an interactive session. Online and onsite participants will have a moment for providing their inputs trought a survey, in adittion of what mentioned in point 1. 3. IGF Official Tools. Additional Tools: Social networks and Mentimeter. If possible, simultaneous interpretation and cc will be facilitated.