IGF 2022 Networking Session #13 Support IS3C in Making the Internet More Secure and Safer

Wednesday, 30th November, 2022 (07:45 UTC) - Wednesday, 30th November, 2022 (08:45 UTC)
Caucus Room
Onsite Moderator

Wout de Natris

Online Moderator

Mark Carvell


Nicolas Fiumarelli


Targets: 4. Quality education 9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure



Following a short introduction and overview of current and future workstreams by the IS3C Coordinator, Wout De Natris, the Chairs of the coalition’s three thematic working groups will provide summaries of their mission statements and workplans, and explain the resource requirements for their research projects.

Duration (minutes)

The IGF dynamic coalition Internet Standards, Security and Safety Coalition works towards one overarching goal: to make the Internet more secure and safer by achieving more widespread and rapid deployment of existing security-related internet standards and relevant best practices. The primary goal of this networking session is to present the scope and goals of IS3C’s 2023 work programme to potential supporting and to funding partners for its current and future work programmes.

After a brief introduction on the 2022 results, IS3C focuses on the work planned for 2023. In total five Working Groups will either continue their work or start it.

WG 1 Security by design – Internet of Things. After the publication of its report, foreseen for January 2023, the WG will move to the next phase: to change recommendations into actions.

WG 2 Education & skills. At the IGF the report ‘Closing the gap between the needs of the cybersecurity industry and the skills of tertiary education graduates’ is presented. In 2023 the WG continues its work and turn theory into practice. First by starting working groups containing all stakeholders and work together towards deployment and training programmes.

WG 3 Procurement, supply chain management and the creation of the business case announces its work programme that will start in the winter of 2023

WG 5 Prioritising and listing existing, security-related Internet standards and ICT best practices announces its work programme that will start after the IGF.

WG 9 Quantum computing and post-quantum encryption announces its work programme that will start in 2023.

With the announcement of the new work programme, IS3C is in need of experts interested to work with the lead experts. It is of extreme importance that the outcomes reflect the views of all stakeholders and a rough consensus can be reached on the way forward.

Following the introductory networking session which the coalition held at IGF 2021, the networking session at IGF 2022 will be an important opportunity for engaging stakeholder organisations as potential partners. The discussions in the session will be conducted with the aim in particular of laying the groundwork for the provision of the financial and in kind support that is necessary for progressing the working groups’ research activities.

It is also expected that the work of the coalition will continue to evolve and expand to cover additional policy issues. Feel free to share your ideas on how to continue our work. A policy area that is still under construction is for WG 7, consumer protection and advocacy, that we hope to be able to announce later in 2023.