IGF 2022 Networking Session #59 Technology and Innovation Challenge for Gender Equality

Tuesday, 29th November, 2022 (07:15 UTC) - Tuesday, 29th November, 2022 (07:45 UTC)
Press Briefing Room

Digital Grassroots
Uffa Modey, Digital Grassroots, technical community, Africa Esther Mwema, Digital Grassroots, civil society, Africa Hanna Pishchiyk, Digital Grassroots, civil society, Europe


Uffa Modey, Digital Grassroots, technical community, Africa Esther Mwema, Digital Grassroots, civil society, Africa

Onsite Moderator

Esther Mwema

Online Moderator

Hanna Pishchiyk


Uffa Modey


5. Gender Equality

Targets: The session is aimed at promoting gender equality through technology and innovation



Duration (minutes)

Innovation is Gender Transformative when it addresses the root causes of gender inequality and ensures that you are designing for everyone. As youth leaders in the UN Women's Generation Equality Forum Action Coalition on Technology and Innovation, Digital Grassroots will host this networking session to present and discuss the coalition's guide to solving gender issues through innovation. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/108zyWHkCYTiJuEh5MbLw65lhKwbslXv… In recent years, technological advancements have played a transformative role in the way we communicate, run businesses or make decisions. Solutions - products, processes, services, or even community experiences - have been developed, tested, and taken to scale by innovation teams. These advancements have a huge potential in shifting gender norms and in contributing to achieving gender equality. However, too often, women and girls in particular, remain at the margins of tech ecosystems, and at times the solutions developed can even play a role in perpetuating gender biases and discrimination. The guide is designed to support innovators to create a positive innovation culture and help people inside and outside of organizations break barriers, come together, generate new ideas, and iterate for gender transformative change. It is the culmination of learnings shared by stakeholders of the Generation Equality movement, technology companies, innovation challenge organizers, challenge participants, and more.

- The online moderator will take note of suggestions, opinions, comments or questions raised by the online participants. - The session will adopt the use of a google doc for collaborative session note-taking led by the session rapporteur. The session participants (online and in-person) will have access to the google doc to input their comments as well. - The will be a single speaking queue for the session. The onsite attendees will pay attention to the remote speaker if a remote participant is speaking.