IGF 2022 Networking Session #79 Open Data for the Future of the Internet

Friday, 2nd December, 2022 (10:45 UTC) - Friday, 2nd December, 2022 (11:45 UTC)
Speaker's Corner

Open Data Collaboratives
Katherine Townsend, Open Data Collaboratives, civil society, north america Kaitlyn Holm, Open Data Collaboratives, Civil society, North America Winnie Kamau, Association of Freelance Journalists, civil society, Africa


Florence Toffa, Mobile Web Ghana, private sector, Africa Winnie Kamau, Association of Freelance Journalists, civil society, Africa Chante Van der Walt, self, civil society, Africa Yeama Thompson, Government of Sierra Leone, government, Africa Jeanne Holm, Los Angeles City Government, Government, North America

Onsite Moderator

Katherine Townsend

Online Moderator

Winnie Kamau, Association of Freelance Journalists, civil society, Africa


Kaitlyn Holm



Targets: Robust and accountable institutions and equity across the global regardless of country requires an informed, robust, and active civil society. This session will link networks of organizations and individuals who may not otherwise have the chance to connect and collaborate, and thereby build additional capacity and power to engage with global governance issues


online lightning talks and breakout sessions for community meeting

Duration (minutes)

Open data has moved from an attractive new technology buzzword to a stable governance requirement that is foundational to ensure that policies, regulation, and innovation are possible and sustainable. This session will focus on hearing from and connecting with community leaders who are not able to join in person, and learn the advancements in open data for accountable institutions, community data to track and reach the SDGs, and open tools as a source of education for innovation and job growth,.

1. The sessions and introductions will be shared in person and broadcast. We will then break into breakout groups for a detailed session. We will have participants join breakout sessions inperson and virtually, and share readouts and insights from these sessions back to each other. 2. We will share materials publicly ahead of time for any to familiarize themselves and will conduct an agenda that is freely available to view and follow along in person and online with simple language and images for accessibility and for language variation. We will have several facilitators including technology leads to ensure a smooth experience and participation for virtual 3. We will be employing a several survey tools that are lightweight and suitable for low bandwidth and mobile joiners and that give a good indication of the priorities and identities of those in the room including Menti and gDocs. These tools have been tested in several conferences that combine hybrid participation both in person and online as well as different languages and strength of internet connectivity.