IGF 2022 Open Forum #66 South-South Collaboration in Web3 Governance

Thursday, 1st December, 2022 (12:00 UTC) - Thursday, 1st December, 2022 (13:00 UTC)

Break-out Group Discussions - Flexible Seating - 60 Min


Interest is rapidly growing in "Web3 technologies" (blockchain, cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, decentralized autonomous organizations, and the metaverse), with uptake especially pronounced in the Global South. The proponents of these technologies claim that they are the next iteration of the Web, and that they will lead to a more democratized and decentralized internet, the past few years have seen many controversies and risks in its adoption. Privacy, security, and environmental concerns are just a few of the questions associated with this rise. With adoption of these technologies is even more pronounced in the Global South - SE Asia has some of the highest penetrations of blockchain technology usage, Africa has some of the highest rates of cryptocurrency adoption, El Salvador was the first country in the world to recognise Bitcoin as legal tender -will the benefits of this emerging technology be properly distributed? Or will they entrench previous power paradigms seen in previous iterations of the internet.

This panel will convene technologists and policy experts to discuss what responsible development of this new technology should look like and what the role South-South collaboration could be in this journey. 


Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
Matthew Nguyen, Tony Blair Institute, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Blaise Bayuo, Tony Blair Institute, Civil Society, Africa Judith Mwaya, Tony Blair Institute, Civil Society, Africa Jess Northend, Tony Blair Institute, Civil Society, Western European and Others Vann Bentley, Web Foundation, Civil Society, Western European and Others


Geoffrey See - CEO at Poko, Fellow at Ethereum Foundation, WEF YGL

Kate Sutton - Head of Innovation Centre at UNDP APAC 

Aidana Kaskyrbek - Head of Blockchain Center at Astana Hub 

Mohit Chawdhry - Fellow at the Esya Centre 

Onsite Moderator

Matthew Nguyen

Online Moderator

Vann Bentley


Blaise Bayuo



Targets: This workshop is looking to dive into better South-South collaboration in Web3 governance with the aim of fully enabling this emerging technology to have a safe, equitable and rights-forward impact. This aligns directly with SDG17.6 and 17.8.