IGF 2022 Participation

Welcome to the IGF 2022 Participation Platform

You can follow the instructions below to join online the IGF 2022 sessions (being in Addis Ababa or wherever in the world) as an individual participant, speaker or moderator (or as a Remote Hub).

Preliminary Note (to do only the first time): There are two options to be ready to connect to the IGF 2022 Sessions online:

a) Download and install in your device the last version of the Client for Meetings and always run it when clicking the links to join the sessions (this is the RECOMMENDED option).

b) Alternatively, use the multi-platform Chrome web browser to open the virtual meeting links (you will need to download this web browser to your device, if not installed yet).

In both cases, a Zoom account is required. Please be sure to be logged-in into Zoom before joining sessions. If you do not have a Zoom account yet, create one for free and log-in.

1. Check in the IGF 2022 Schedule the sessions you want to join and create your Personal Schedule:

a. Click any session you are interested to join and then click on "Add to My Schedule" at the right side (login with your personal account if/when requested)

(Note: Remote Hubs need to login with the account that created the Remote Hub).

b. You can also download the Calendar link in order to get a reminder.

2. To connect to a session from your device, open your Personal IGF 2022 Schedule and click on the "Join HERE" link of any individual sessions you want to access


3. To request the floor in the session, please use the raise hand feature of the online platform Zoom. Everyone wanting to actively participate will need to login into the online platform.

Additional Note: The online participation platform is standard for basic usage - chat, video, presentations and transcription -. However, there is also a quick guide available. We also suggest you access the Test Room in order to test your audio prior to the event.

Please, also check these Accessibility Hints

Do panelists and audience use the same link?

Each participant/panelist having added the session to their schedule, will have a different personalized link on their "Personal Schedule" page.

When is the activation of session links?

Shortly before the session. They are unique per participant.

Organizers and speakers will receive links separately or also need to register for workshop to get link?

They also need to register to get their personalized link to join the session.

How far in advance of the session start time should the moderators and panelists log on to the session link?

15 minutes

If speakers want to share slides should they send ppt in advance to the host or just do it during their speech?

It is preferable that panelists directly share the slides, as they can control them by their own.
The session proposer can also share / link the slides in the session description in advance.

Will session organisers and hosts be connected before the session?

In Webinar format organizers/panelists can join 15 minutes before the session and discuss/test together last details before opening the session to the public.

Can panelists also play a recorded video?

Yes, panelists simply would need to enable the "Share computer sound" option when sharing the screen. Also optionally enable the option "optimize for full screen audio video-clip".

Shall we have a virtual background if our speaker have no presentation files?

Any used virtual background has to be compliant with the UN rules and IGF Code of Conduct.

Who can access the questions raised from the audience in advance?

The owner of the session -having edition permissions on it-.