IGF 2023 Day 0 Event #107 DNS: Foundation for Safe, Secure and Interoperable Intermet

Sunday, 8th October, 2023 (00:30 UTC) - Sunday, 8th October, 2023 (02:00 UTC)
Room D
Data Governance & Trust

Vera Major, ICANN, Technical Community, WEOG Celine Bal, IGF Secretariat, IGO, WEOG David Huberman, ICANN, Technical Community, WEOG


David Huberman, ICANN, Technical Community, WEOG We will provide more speakers as we work on the details of the session

Onsite Moderator

David Huberman

Online Moderator

Vera Major


Vera Major



Targets: ● 9.1: DNS promotes quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient Internet infrastructure to support economic development. ● 16.8: Broaden and strengthen the participation of developing countries in Internet governance ● 17.6: Regional and international stakeholders should come together to collaborate and exchange information to ensure a safe, secure and interoperable Internet ● 17.9: The DNS supports the access and use of the Internet in developing countries.


Presentation and discussion




Participants in the Parliamentarian Track are invited to join us for an engaging session, co-organized with the IGF Secretariat, that offers valuable insights into the Domain Name System (DNS), a critical component of the Internet's foundation. In this session, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the DNS and its significance in supporting Internet functionality. They will explore the key players in the Internet ecosystem and discover recent initiatives that impact Internet governance. The session will delve into the technical operations of the Internet, covering topics such as DNS resolution, routing, and IP addresses. Through this exploration, participants will develop a deeper comprehension of the mechanisms behind these technical operations, providing them with insights into the functioning and governance of the Internet. Furthermore, the session will foster discussions on the dynamic interplay between policy and technology, highlighting its implications for Internet governance. By actively participating in this session, attendees will have a unique opportunity to enhance their knowledge and gain comprehensive insights into the DNS and its governance framework. They will engage in meaningful discussions and exchange ideas on the evolving landscape of the Internet ecosystem. Through this exploration of technical operations, participants will gain a better understanding of how these operations shape the Internet and contribute to its overall functionality.

We are committed to a successful hybrid session. For this purpose, we will ensure seamless interaction between onsite and online participants by utilizing technical tools and platforms provided by the IGF Secretariat. The session will incorporate live streaming, chat functions, and online Q&A sessions to actively engage remote attendees. The format will allow for equal opportunities for both onsite and online participants to ask questions and share perspectives. Our aim is to create an inclusive and dynamic session that promotes active engagement and knowledge exchange in a hybrid setting.