IGF 2023 Day 0 Event #182 Digital Public Goods and the Challenges with Discoverability

Sunday, 8th October, 2023 (09:15 UTC) - Sunday, 8th October, 2023 (09:55 UTC)
Annex Hall 2

Digital Divides & Inclusion
Skills Building for Basic and Advanced Technologies (Meaningful Access)

Cynthia Lo - GitHub Ricardo Torres - United Nations Development Programme and Digital Public Goods Alliance


Cynthia Lo - GitHub - Private Sector Canada Ricardo Torres - United Nations Development Programme and Digital Public Goods Alliance - Inter-Governmental Sector

Onsite Moderator

Cynthia Lo

Online Moderator

Ricardo Torres


Cynthia Lo


8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
17. Partnerships for the Goals

Targets: This proposal corresponds to SDG 8, 9, 16 and17 as the aim is to provide accessible and open resources for learning and up-skilling through digital public goods, facilitate knowledge sharing and capacity building through partnerships, and contribute to the development of technological skills. By addressing these areas, DPGs play a vital role in advancing SDG 8, SDG 16, SDG 17, and SDG 9, thereby promoting inclusive and sustainable development. Digital learning platforms that enable individuals to acquire new skills and enhance their employability. This contributes to promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, reducing unemployment, and fostering entrepreneurship.


Presenting and Gathering


This session will focus on the challenges of discoverability for digital public goods (DPGs) for governments and civil society to understand and implement. Challenges range from Locating DPGs by using specific keywords; Identifying contributors to DPGs, which could be either individuals or organizations; Finding DPGs through recommendations or highlighted features in recognized online platforms. The goal of this session is to provide an opportunity to explore lesser known DPGs, what skills are needed to increase DPG implementation, and what policies can help improve discoverability. Lastly, this session will allow for extensive time for attendees to express what other challenges they have encountered with discovering and implementing DPGs. This interactive session will pose questions such as: - How do we improve the discoverability of DPGs for those who need them? - How do we manage and maintain DPGs in the long term to ensure their relevance and usefulness? - How can we promote the adoption of DPGs and integrate them into local ecosystems effectively? - What mechanisms can be put in place to ensure the sustainability of DPGs? - How can we address the digital divide to ensure equitable access to DPGs for all, including those in underserved regions or marginalized populations?

Hybrid participation is important to this interactive session as every participant is important to gathering answers to digital public good accessibility and discoverability challenges. Interaction between onsite and online speakers and attendees will be facilitated using Zoom, an online chat forum and polling through Zoom. Secondly, if the facility allows for small break out groups, online and in person members will be placed into diverse groups for discussion. In order to ensure the best possible experience for online and onsite participants, there is an opportunity to create working groups for post event networking and collaboration between a mix of online and onsite participants. There is a possibility for a knowledge sharing or mentorship community to be developed from this event.