IGF 2023 Day 0 Event #192 African Digital Democracy Summit

Tuesday, 10th October, 2023 (23:30 UTC) - Wednesday, 11th October, 2023 (00:30 UTC)
WS 10 – Room I
Global Digital Governance & Cooperation

● African Parliamentary Network on Internet Governance (APNIG)
● Hon, Neema Lugangira (MP), APNIG, Government, African
● Hon. Alhagie Mbow (MP), APNIG, Government, African
● Hon. Sarah Opendi (MP), APNIG, Government, African
● Daniel O’Maley, Center for International Media Assistance, Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
● Sarah Moulton, National Democratic Institute, Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
● Morgan Frost, Center for International Private Enterprise, Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)


● Moira Whelan, National Democratic Institute, Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG) ● Nick Benequista, Center for International Media Assistance, Western European and Others Group (WEOG) ● Anna Kompanek, Center for International Private Enterprise, Civil Society, Western European and Others (WEOG) ● Muthuri Kathure, Article 19, Civil Society ● Asimwe John Ishabairu, Collaboration on International ICT Policies for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) ● Felicia Anthonio, #KeepItOn Campaign at Access Now

Onsite Moderator

Hon. Neema Lugangira (MP)

Online Moderator

Daniel O’Maley


Hon. Neema Lugangira (MP)



Targets: Enhance North-South, South-South and triangular regional and international cooperation on and access to science, technology and innovation and enhance knowledge sharing on mutually agreed terms, including through improved coordination among existing mechanisms, in particular at the United Nations level, and through a global technology facilitation mechanism.


The format of the African Digital Democracy Summit is designed to provide a diverse and engaging experience for participants. It will feature thematic sessions and breakout sessions. The thematic sessions will focus on specific themes or areas of interest, offering in-depth exploration and interactive discussions. The breakout sessions will provide smaller, more focused groups to facilitate deeper conversations, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among participants. This multi-dimensional format aims to cater to various learning styles, promote networking opportunities, and foster meaningful exchanges of ideas and best practices.


The African Digital Democracy Summit will be a dynamic Day 0 event co-organized by APNIG and the Open Internet for Democracy Initiative that aims to advance inclusive governance in the digital age. This summit will bring together diverse stakeholders from across Africa and other regions to explore the intersection of democracy and digital technologies. This will include viewpoints from different sectors including government, media, the private sector, and civil society. Participants will engage in thought-provoking discussions, share best practices, and identify innovative solutions for leveraging digital tools to strengthen democratic processes and promote citizen participation. Through interactive sessions and collaborative workshops, the summit will foster an inclusive environment where policymakers, civil society organizations, technologists, and citizens can collectively shape the future of digital governance in Africa. The summit will serve as a catalyst for change, inspiring collaborative action towards building a more democratic and digitally empowered continent.

Due to the nature and scope of this event, this session will be primarily in-person. However, the co-organizers of the session will explore ways to engage broad audiences into the overall conversation, such as webcasting the plenary conversation. Following the session, the co-organizers will also publish and distribute a summary document that outlines key outputs and recommendations on how to foster more coordinated engagements between civil society, independent media, the local private sector, and policymakers to ensure the protection of democratic digital governance across Africa and beyond.