IGF 2023 DC-DDHT Robotics & the Medical Internet of Things (MIoT)

Monday, 9th October, 2023 (08:00 UTC) - Monday, 9th October, 2023 (09:30 UTC)
Room J
Dynamic Coalition on Data Driven Health Technologies

Round Table - 90 Min


Robotics is pitched for a significant role in the delivery of healthcare services. for the future, from research to actual patient care and hospital maintenance. The session will engage the participants to a discussion on the role of robots within healthcare with specific emphasis on the internet.

The session will open with a short presentation of the 2023 DC joint and member papers, on robotics and ehealth related topics, to catalyze the discussion. The basis for the conversation, is to place the "design of processes", by foresight, at the center of developments in robotics, MIoT, ehealth and the wellness eco-system, to minimize risks and optimize benefit for the future.

Examples of questions that could be discussed, but not limited to, are: What are the issues, including ethical issues that must be discussed now, to enable a safe relationship between the technology and humans for the future? Can robots work offline where internet connectivity is not available and achieve the same expected outcomes compared to urban areas? How can we trust the robots in the medical space? How can we ensure quality data feeds for robots? What are the energy and back-up requirements for MIoT? How will the public user be educated on the interaction with robots? Are there exceptional data privacy issues that should be addressed specific to robots? How can we minimize the impact on the climate with ehealth. MIoT and robotics?


Members of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Data Driven Health Technologies: Amali De Silva-Mitchell (virtual), June Parris (onsite), Dr Amado Espinosa, Frederic Cohen, Yao Amevi Amessinou Sossou, Dr. João Rocha Gomes, Dr Galia Kondova, Herman Ramos, Marina Shentsova, Alex Buckham, Emma Slade et al.


Members of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Data Driven Health Technologies and their associates.

Onsite Moderator
June Parris
Online Moderator
Amali De Silva - Mitchell
Amali De Silva - Mitchell