IGF 2023 Launch / Award Event #61 Book presentation: “Youth Atlas (Second edition)”

Thursday, 12th October, 2023 (05:15 UTC) - Thursday, 12th October, 2023 (06:15 UTC)
Room E

Global Digital Governance & Cooperation
Role of IGF

Internet Society Youth Standing Group
Veronica Piccolo, ISOC Youth Standing Group, Technical Community, WEOG Juliana Novaes, University of Leeds, Academia, GRULAC Umut Pajaro Velasquez, ISOC Gender Standing Group, Civil Society, GRULAC Mohammad Ali Jauar, ISOC Youth Standing Group, Technical Community, APAC Pedro Lana, ISOC Brasil, Technical Community, GRULAC


Juliana Novaes, University of Leeds, Academia, GRULAC Pyrate Ruby Passell, junior high school student, civil society, APAC Vint Cerf, Google/IGF leadership panel, Private sector, WEOG Anja Gengo, IGF secretariat, International Organisation, WEOG Esther Mwema, Digital Grassroot, Civil Society, AFRICA

Onsite Moderator

Veronica Piccolo

Online Moderator

Mohammad Ali Jauar


Umut Pajaro Velasquez


Book presentation followed by a discussion.

Duration (minutes)

This session aims to discuss the evolution of youth engagement in Internet governance and the IGF, as well as to celebrate through the launch of a book all people and organisations who made thatpossible. The session will present the new edition of the Youth Atlas, a book that tells the story of and gives visibility to young people involved in Internet governance. This year, the book brings together young veterans and newcomers to discuss how multistakehlderism has evolved with the participation of the youth community and what are the challenges ahead. Both the session and the book are a tribute to the commitment and hard work of young people in our field and their ability to set up global partnerships. The book also bears witness to how the continuing engagement of younger generations helps to preserve the multistakeholder dialogue and to build a more resilient Internet Governance community. Indeed, many young students who entered the IG space a few years ago are now young professionals who continue to engage on behalf of their organisations and bring a unique experience in part gained through their engagement at an early stage. The book features contributions of key senior stakeholders including Vint Cerf (Google), Anja Gengo (IGF Secretariat), Debora Escalera (ICANN), Alejanda Prieto (ISOC) and many others. The book launch will be a one-hour session with one of the Atlas committee members presenting the book, statistics and our findings on youth engagement, as well as key observations on its evolution since the first edition of the Youth Atlas (2019). This will be followed by a panel discussion with key contributors and a formal handover of a copy of the book to the speakers, as well as the distribution of free hard copies to participants onsite and the virtual copy of the book online.

The appointed moderator will engage both the onsite and online audience. To achieve this, the moderator intends to incorporate interactive elements throughout the event, such as live polls, Q&A sessions, and audience participation activities. Additionally, an online facilitator will ensure that the virtual audience is fully integrated into the event. The Youth Atlas book will also be distributed both online and onsite. With these measures in place, the moderator aims to create a dynamic and engaging experience for all attendees, regardless of their location.