IGF 2023 Lightning Talk #103 Strengthening Cybersecurity for a Resilient Digital Society

Wednesday, 11th October, 2023 (03:10 UTC) - Wednesday, 11th October, 2023 (03:30 UTC)
SC – Room H

Cybersecurity, Cybercrime & Online Safety
Cyberattacks, Cyberconflicts and International Security
New Technologies and Risks to Online Security

Rakuten Group Inc.
Feren Calderwood, Rakuten Group Inc. YuehTing Chen, Rakuten Group Inc. Clara Fecke, Rakuten Group Inc.


Feren Calderwood, Rakuten Group Inc. Clara Fecke, Rakuten Group Inc. YuehTing Chen, Rakuten Group Inc.

Onsite Moderator

Feren Calderwood

Online Moderator

Feren Calderwood


Feren Calderwood



Targets: As cyber threats are increasing globally, so is their threat to countries being able to develop a sustainable and resilient infrastructure (SDG 9.1). The risks from these threats if realized, have the potential of disrupting the ability to fully operationalize technology and innovation capacity building (SDG 17.8). The proposed mitigation is through multi-stakeholder partnerships (SDG 17.16) and to ensure that cyber security and privacy awareness are included in the global knowledge sharing to ensure the achievement of the SDGs in all countries.


Presentation including engagement with the audience through an online digital platform.

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Cyber security and privacy awareness among smartphone users are becoming critical challenges as societies undergo digital transformation. Humans are always the weakest link in the cyber security chain in any country. With the increase of cyber-attacks and their diversification, so is the threat to the growth of the digital economy in both developed and developing countries and thus also a threat to SDG 9.1 ‘Develop quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure, including regional and transborder infrastructure, to support economic development and human well-being, with a focus on affordable and equitable access for all.’ The vulnerability of developing countries is also higher due to the limited resources they have to address all the aspects of cyber security and privacy. What are the top security and privacy risks for smartphone users? What user behaviours and practices are needed for a sustainable and resilient digital society? What kind of partnerships are needed between governments, the mobile industry, the e-commerce and education sectors, and consumers to support e-society and the growth of the global digital economy? Participation from the audience is strongly encouraged. The audience will be asked to participate and after the presentation in the Q&A part, they will have time to interact with the presenters and share regional and local insights.