IGF 2023 Lightning Talk #130 Advocating for Fair, Transparent Content Moderation in WANA

Monday, 9th October, 2023 (07:00 UTC) - Monday, 9th October, 2023 (07:30 UTC)
SC – Room H

Human Rights & Freedoms
Non-discrimination in the Digital Space

Human Rights & Freedoms

Marianne Rahme, SMEX Nathan Silber, SMEX Dionysia Peppa, SMEX


Marianne Rahme, SMEX Nathan Silber, SMEX Dionysia Peppa, SMEX

Onsite Moderator

Nathan Silber, SMEX

Online Moderator

Dionysia Peppa, SMEX


Marianne Rahme, SMEX


16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Targets: The session will mainly address SDG 16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. Peer learning is an essential tool in fighting for justice, especially for platform accountability.


The session will provide a platform for participants to exchange and discuss experiences in advocating for platform accountability. This collaborative environment will foster collective learning among speakers and participants, facilitating the debate over different strategies of approaches. The session will include an open discussion with the participants.

Duration (minutes)

This interactive session is focused on different strategies to influence and change content moderation policies at tech companies. Experts will discuss experiences influencing content moderation through organized and unorganized networks. We will look at how different experts are mitigating harms when it comes to unjust policies or practices. Experts will also discuss how to talk about content moderation and technology accurately, how to reach the right person within a company, what to know about confidentiality when talking to companies, and so on. To give an understanding of the context, we will map out the policy landscape for attendees. The session will also cover regulatory and policy trends globally and in our region, and brainstorm emerging strategies for impacting EU and US policy-making processes.

The session will be livestreamed for online attendees, and the moderator will ensure that questions or concerns rising from the online public are addressed during the session. To ensure the best possible experience for both online and onsite participants, this session will use a visual presentation (ppt or other formats) that highlights all main points. The session will start with a 10 minutes intervention from the speaker and followed by a Q&A. We will make sure to have a chat function for online participants to ask their questions or clarifications.