IGF 2023 Lightning Talk #85 AI governance and competition: a research presentation

Sunday, 8th October, 2023 (07:10 UTC) - Sunday, 8th October, 2023 (07:40 UTC)
SC – Room H

Internet Society Youth Standing Group
Veronica Piccolo, ISOC Youth Standing Group, Technical Community, WEOG Elisa Haxhillazi, Epoka University, Academia, East Europe Osei Manu Kagyah, Ghana Youth IGF, Civil Society, Africa Umut Pajaro Velasquez, ISOC Gender Standing Group, Civil Society, GRULAC


Veronica Piccolo, Ca’ Foscari University, Academia, WEOG

Onsite Moderator

Elisa Haxhillazi, Epoka University, Academia, East Europe

Online Moderator

Umut Pajaro Velasquez, ISOC Gender Standing Group, Civil Society, GRULAC


Osei Manu Kagyah, Ghana Youth IGF, Civil Society, Africa



Targets: This proposal links to SDGs 8.2 and 8.3 by discussing the modalities to achieve higher levels of economic productivity through technological upgrading and innovation and the promotion of development-oriented policies that support productive activities, entrepreneurship and innovation; SDGs 9.1 by exploring how the use of technical infrastructure and equipment to set up cloud computing services and AI technologies can support economic development and whether there are setbacks; SDGs 17.10 and 17.16 by emphasising the importance of multistakeholderism as an AI governance model and multilateral cooperation to promote an open, rules-based and non-discriminatory trading system.


The talk will consist of a presentation followed by a discussion with the audience. The topic is based on a three-year Doctoral research meant to be divulged through several papers and presentations. This talk will serve to open a discussion in a non-academic environment in order to further the research in this area thanks to the input of all stakeholders.

Duration (minutes)

The high availability of data, coupled with increasing computing power (from cloud to quantum), is paving the way for the rapid improvement and expansion of AI. As decision-makers struggle to understand the full dimensions and impact of this technology on human rights, it is still uncharted its impact on consumers. In fact, with the ramping and uncontrolled use of AI in data-driven markets, competition might be disrupted at the expense of end users, consumers and more fragile stakeholders. The presentation will show the results of a Doctoral research based on substantive data and legal analysis on competition policy and enforcement in the era of big data and artificial intelligence, which will highlight the role of multistakeholderism in AI governance even in this policy area.

The session will ensure the hybrid format following the next proposed agenda: - 10’: introduction and presentation - 25’: open floor for questions, comments, inputs and feedback from the audience both online and onsite. - 5’ for conclusions and key takeaways. The full participation of everyone in the session is guaranteed regardless of the location, both moderators will be granting the floor on a round-robin base.