IGF 2023 Networking Session #109 International Cooperation for AI & Digital Governance

Sunday, 8th October, 2023 (23:30 UTC) - Monday, 9th October, 2023 (00:30 UTC)
Room K

Global Digital Governance & Cooperation
Governing Digital Economy
Harmonising Global Digital Infrastructure

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) & New York University (NYU)

- Kyung Ryul Park (KAIST): Technical Community, Asia-Pacific Group

- Seung Hyun Kim (KAIST): Technical Community, Asia-Pacific Group

- Matthew Liao (New York University): Technical Community, WEOG


- Dasom Lee (KAIST): Technical Community, Asia-Pacific Group

- Rafik Hadfi (Kyoto University): Technical Community, Asia-Pacific Group

- Takayaki Ito (Kyoto University): Technical Community, Asia-Pacific Group

- Serge Stinkwich (UN University): Technical Community,  Asia-Pacific Group

- Takayo Ogisu (Sophia University): Technical Community, Asia-Pacific Group

- Atsushi Yamanaka (JICA): Government, Asia-Pacific Group


Onsite Moderator

Kyung Ryul Park

Online Moderator

So Young Kim


Junho Kwon


17. Partnerships for the Goals

Targets: SDG goal 9.5 calls for enhancement of scientific research and technological capabilities of industries for encouringing innovation. This session aims to incorporate the advancement AI into this goal and how developing nations could harness AI for boosting innovation and growth. SDG goal 17 is about ensuring participation of all countries for the achievement of SDGs. This networking session will allow interactions between various experts to come up with ideas and engage in partnerships to discuss how AI should act as a facilitator of global partnerships.


This session will follow the format of roundtable networking. Participants will be organized to meet persons who are furthest from their field of expertise. This set-up aims to give participants fresh perspectives on the effects of AI on development.

Duration (minutes)



This networking session aims to act as a hub for sharing ideas and forming partnerships for future collaborations related to AI in the field of international development. The advent of AI and its impact on the developing world have created new uncertainties, but also new opportunities. AI is expected to create new ways to bolster innovations in diverse fields including agriculture, education, health, infrastructure, and emergency responses, but also widen the digital gap with technologically advanced countries. Questions such as how AI can be used to reduce poverty or enhance growth in developing countries can be better answered by a multidisciplinary approach. For this purpose, this networking session attempts to bring together experts and practitioners from diverse fields and backgrounds to share emerging challenges and possible solutions in international development. The goal of the session is to have a series of lightning rounds to share diverse ideas and to discuss the long-term effects of AI for the developing nations. The session will conclude by producing a set of possible goals and indicators for the post-SDGs agenda.

The networking event will provide a live feed via Youtube. Online participants can participate in live chat rooms and also provide their information for onsite participants for future networking.