IGF 2023 Networking Session #145 Discussing Internet Governance research in time of crisis

Tuesday, 10th October, 2023 (06:15 UTC) - Tuesday, 10th October, 2023 (07:15 UTC)
Room C-2

Global Digital Governance & Cooperation
Digital Commons as a Public Good
Digital Ethics Education
Role of IGF

Research Group on Internet Governance and Regulation, GDR, CIS CNRS
Francesca MUSIANI, Academia, WEOG Lucien CASTEX, Technical Community, WEOG Julien ROSSI, Academia, EEG Clément Perarnaud, Academia, WEOG


Promotion of the event in the research community as well as in the wider community. Amongst participants: Samih SOUISSI, Government, WEOG, Collaborations between academia and government agencies to tackle emerging technical issues. Julien Rossi, Academia, Eastern European States

Onsite Moderator


Online Moderator

Francesca MUSIANI, Academia, WEOG


Clément Perarnaud, VUB, Academia, WEOG


The session is designed to engage both the online and onsite participants. - icebreaker including short introduction and a round of introductions on research focus and collaboration Sharing ahead of time: 1) Flash presentation of the different projects 2) Promoting the event in the research community as well as in the wider community Use of complementary tools such as the Slido app to facilitate the discussion.

Duration (minutes)

The session aims at gathering researchers and experts working on Internet Governance to identify synergies and build collaborations. We also aim at reflecting on Internet Governance research 2 years away from the 2025 WSIS review in a context of crisis. The Internet Governance and regulation research group (Centre Internet et Société, CNRS) and partner institutions are leading a number of projects related to Internet governance and to digital policy (https://cis.cnrs.fr/gouvernance-et-regulation-dinternet/).

We aim at facilitating an inclusive discussion to foster collaboration between researchers, experts as well as with the broader community. We will be sharing ahead of time both flash presentations of research project and research papers and promote the event in the research community in order to gather papers and interest. We will use additional tools such as the Slido app to facilitate the discussion and involve the participants both onsite and online.