IGF 2023 Open Forum #44 Future-proofing global tech governance: a bottom-up approach

Wednesday, 11th October, 2023 (07:45 UTC) - Wednesday, 11th October, 2023 (08:45 UTC)
WS 8 – Room C-1

Blockchain, Digital Assets & Web 3-based Ecosystems
Chat GPT, Generative AI, and Machine Learning
Quantum Computing

Panel - 60 Min


The emergence of new technologies such as quantum-related developments, metaverse platforms, nano-technology and human-machine interface, poses unprecedented challenges and opportunities for citizens, organizations and governments. How can we ensure that the development and deployment of emerging technologies are aligned with the common good of humanity? What are the principles that should guide the governance of these technologies? How can international organizations future-proof their structures and mechanisms so that they can better respond to the pace of technological change? This panel proposal aims to explore these questions and propose some possible principles for adaptive and flexible global technology governance, focused on a bottom-up approach. Drawing on the insight and experience of experts from various fields and regions, the panel will build upon the collective experience gained from the 20-year history of global internet governance, and from nascent efforts at AI governance. It will take a critical look at what has worked thus far, and what can be improved upon, for the international community to deal with the next generation of disruptive technologies. The panel will also address how global technology governance principles can inform discussions on the upcoming Global Digital Compact, WSIS+20 and other international processes.

The session can be held online via Zoom or other platform. The online moderator will track any requests for intervention from the online floor and ensure that they are given equal opportunity to speak.


🔒Ministry of Justice, Office of the Deputy General (International Law), Israel
Cedric (Yehuda) Sabbah, Office of the Deputy Attorney General (International Law), Ministry of Justice - WEOG. Moderator (tentative and subject to confirmation): Cedric (Yehuda) Sabbah or Yoichi Iida (Japan). Rapporteur: Tal Werner-Kling, Senior Director, .


Speakers tentatively confirmed: Thomas Schneider - Switzerland - Ambassador and Director of International Affairs at the Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) in the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) - WEOG Sheetal Kumar - Head of Global Engagement and Advocacy, Global Partners Digital - NGO (*online participation) Gallia Daor - Policy Analyst - OECD-CDEP (IO) Yoichi Iida - Director of International Research and Policy Coordination, at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan (Asia-Pacific States) G77, technical community: TBD

Onsite Moderator

Cedric (Yehuda) Sabbah

Online Moderator

Tal Werner-Kling


Yoichi Iida



Targets: How the international community responds to the next wave of disruptive technologies is likely to impact society in various ways: domestic institutions, human rights and economic development.