IGF 2023 Open Forum #81 Cybersecurity regulation in the age of AI


New Technologies and Risks to Online Security

Panel - 60 Min


Cybersecurity regulation in the age of AI: from dilemmas to practical solutions

With the rise of AI-powered cybersecurity tools and techniques, there is a growing concern that malicious actors could use these tools to carry out more potent cyber-attacks. As AI increasingly integrates into our daily lives there is a need to ensure that AI technologies are developed and used safely. Cyber robustness, which refers to the ability of AI systems to withstand cyber-attacks and maintain their functionality in the face of malicious activity, is one of the key principles for trustworthy AI developed by the OECD. The overlap between AI and cybersecurity raises a number of challenges, some of which could be addressed through effective regulation. Thus, in order to ensure that AI systems are cyber robust, it is important to establish clear standards and balanced regulations.

The question faced by cybersecurity regulators across the globe is what such standards and regulations should include. In this session we hope to contribute to global discussions on AI robustness regulation by practical suggestions for cybersecurity.



Israeli National Cyber Directorate (INCD)
INCD - the government of Israel. WEOG


Dr. Bushra Al Blooshi - Head of Research and Innovation Dubai Electronic Security Center, UAE.

Ms. Daria  Tsafrir, Legal Advisor, INCD, Israel.

Mr. Avrahan Zaruk - Head of technological division, INCD, Israel.

Mr. Hiroshi Honjo, Ciso of NTT data, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation.

Ms. Gallia Daor, Policy Division., OECD.

Mr. Theoneste Ngiruwonsanga, Smart Africa Group.

Enisa - TBD


Onsite Moderator

Mrs. Daria Tsafrir, INCD, Israel

Online Moderator

Mr. Aviram Atzeba, INCD, Israel


Mr. Cedric Sabbah, MOJ, Israel



Targets: By promoting a robust, accountable and regulated AI systems supported by a multi stakeholders global approach we can contribute to develop a reliable, sustainable ecosystem in which AI systems are cyber resilient and maintain their functionality to support economic development and human well-being.