IGF 2023 Town Hall #154 What place for Human RIghts in AI? a cybersecurity use case


Non-discrimination in the Digital Space
Technology in International Human Rights Law

Other - 90 Min
Format description: The session aims at being as interactive as possible and will mix breakout group discussion with flash presentation to facilitate the debate on a controversial issue: the place of human rights in AI in a context of emerging new technologies such as generative AI and augmented reality.


In a Town-hall fashion, the session aims at discussing the place of Human Rights in AI starting from a cybersecurity use case. The discussion is very active around the world. In Europe, the EU Commission presented its draft regulation of AI on April 21, 2021 trying to tackle social scoring, use of biometric identification and surveillance technologies. We can also mention UNESCO’ recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, OECD AI Observatory, the National AI Initiative Act, etc. At the same time, research on artificial intelligence and its applications are developing, making the implementation of fundamental rights difficult and current regulations incomplete. In this context, it is paramount to ensure the collaboration between stakeholders and to evaluate the impact of such technologies on society: prohibiting certain uses of AI in particular, biometric identification of people in publicly accessible spaces, risks of discrimination (e.g. gender, stereotypes, membership of a group) and effective impact assessment.

This townhall aims at fostering discussion starting with icebreaker questions with a focus on a cybersecurity use case:
- How to embed ethics and human rights by design in new cybersurveillance and facial recognition tools?
- How to tackle the challenge of self learning algorithms (unsupervised or supervised learning, cybersecurity use case: surveillance and warfare)?
- How to foster International cooperation: current discussion on the Global digital compact shows the importance of good governance for AI technologies
- What role should National Human Rights Institutions and Watchdogs could play in that context?

This townhall session aims at fostering collaboration and active discussion between stakeholders both online and onsite in order to hear the community’s views.

We will be sharing ahead of time the key starter questions in order to prepare flash pitch and start the discussion.

We will use additional tools such as Slido to facilitate the discussion and audience interaction in particular to facilitate a townhall setting involving the participants both onsite in Japan and remotely connected: live polls, flash surveys, trivia.
The organizers will also actively promote the session and reference documents will be communicated ahead of time including the 2022 report of the French Human Rights Commission, OECD, UNESCO work, as well as and a few policy papers from civil society and academics on the cybersecurity use cases.


Samih SOUISSI, Government, WEOG
Julien Rossi, Eastern Europe
Claire Mélanie Popineau, WEOG


Flash presentations will act as discussions starters. Additional speakers are in the process of being contacted.

(confirmed) Amrita Choudhury, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific States

(confirmed) Lucien CASTEX, Technical Community, WEOG

Onsite Moderator

Claire Mélanie Popineau

Online Moderator





5. Gender Equality
9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Targets: The issue of Human RIghts in AI is in relation to several SDGs.
On tackling discrimination and exploring AI bias for example related to gender (SDG 5) and inequalities (SDG 10)
Fostering justice and strong institution through transparency and accountability in innovation, AI and other emerging technologies.