IGF 2023 Village Booth #7 Learn Internet Governance


Learn Internet Governance is a Collaborative Community Development Program (CCDP) which focuses on using local resources, knowledge and best practice to reach out to the public. It is a open knowledge sharing platform creating better learning opportunity. Today in the world when there is a scarcity of funds and skills, the concept of organization being handicap for report mentality and resources are un-escapable. The CCDP is a new and multistakeholder concept of grooming the local public with their own capacity of creating better skills and problem-solving technique. It’s their question their problems and solution which helps them to identify and correlate to the problems in discovering a more profuse solution.

To be very precise it is an open door concept of exchanging information in a broad platform of food for thinking concept where they manage their own information and resources as per their own needs and purpose. The main concept of CCDP is a more open based knowledge sharing and communication method where various stakeholder learn by communicating with each other.

This method helps in maximum utilization of resources whereas it also create better opportunity of spreading awareness and communication through better channels. In one hand it works as a direct means of infiltration to the various problem where on the other it stop the foreign perspective of expertise of creating a vacuum of understanding.

Learn Internet Governance is a community based approach where we believe in the youth leadership to be more active and vigilant in the IG environment.
We have developed many tools and have done research and further want to expand our network and approach to the other community.
We believe in developing resources in community level than funding approach